When you know, you know.

1. On Thursdays and Fridays the Bar floor turns into the D-Floor
2. The Front Of House team will give you a discount card if you flirt with them.
3. There's always one person in a weekend session that runs out of the room to throw up due to last night's alcohol intake.
4. That Marieca's intercom session announcement is the only reason you actually turn up at 6am for your session...
5. You're online to book into Tiago's sessions as soon as the schedule goes's the Tiago effect (women want to be with him, men want to be him). 
6. You finish a Reshape at Broadgate and then think it's acceptable to consume a week's worth of booze and 2 Franco Manca pizzas in the Circle afterwards.
7. You'll be penalised with burpees if you turn up late to a session.
8. You can end your workout with a blowy from Barber and Blow staff and everyone can watch
9. 'Touching up' in Ride is encouraged not frowned upon.
10. That you don't need to read the Metro because all the news headlines are on the Ride canopy.