Your 4th weekly workout is 40% more beneficial than your 3rd.

We set the RebelArmy the ultimate challenge this summer: 4 sessions per week for 4 weeks.

Choose any disipline, or all 3. Pick up your Rebel Passport from reception to monitor your sessions and then turn up and sweat hard. Otherwise known as REBEL SLEEP REPEAT. 


One of our dedicated Rebels, Jeanine Ferguson, and currently Head of Digital for a large insurance broker in the city, shares her experience of the Rebel Sleep Repeat challenge...

Four weeks, four classes per week.

That’s 180 minutes a week, just 12 hours out of my life over four weeks. Yep fine, I can do this lets go. I pick up my Rebel Passport from reception and I’m feeling committed. I have an achievable deadline.

1Rebel passport rules are to commit to four classes per week, that can be any 1Rebel class, but for the purpose of this challenge I chose to do Reshape. Why? Because I found it really hard and there’s no point challenging yourself to something that is easy.

 Although I’d been going to Reshape twice sometimes three times a week I still hadn’t quite grasped the running part of it, as I’ve never been a runner and it’s not something that comes easily to me, put me on a spin bike and I can happily spin for hours but sprints on treadmill that’s another world of pain and just hadn’t got my head around.

The 1Rebel passport challenge was the extra push and motivation I needed without knowing it. I’ve been aiming to get more toned for ages and I knew to get there I had to work a little harder.

Alongside committing to four Reshape classes over four weeks I also reduced my alcohol consumption to naff all per week and made sure I was getting enough sleep.


Rebel. Sleep. Repeat.













My training week went something like this:

On Monday, Tuesday, and  Wednesday’s I Reshaped. On Thursdays I rested. Fridays, Reshape again.

Saturdays and Sundays were either a spin class or stretching, depending on what I had planned socially. It’s worth adding these were not additional classes to my training as I’ve been spinning at weekends for about five years.

By week two I really started to notice a change! I was sprinting faster on the treds but most importantly I was able to keep up with the running instead of just jogging.

That’s when my focused changed from concentrating on how toned I was, to wanting to get fitter and faster, even if it was only running faster for just 20 seconds it still counted.

 The results I was originally striving for then just followed without me even realising. I’m certainly no fitness model but I am very happy with what I set out to achieve and that to me is a success. My arms are more tones and I feel better in myself.

I’m surprised at how visible the results have been in just four weeks, just by adding two extra classes a week.  The 1Rebel passport has taught me to focus on increasing performance and this is where you really see results.

I really want to keep it up my progress now that I have pushed my body to it's limits so I'm so for the next two weeks I'm aiming to four reshape classes a week and Ride at the weekends.