Those of you who have been following my Instagram will know that I have been following my macronutrients for the past few weeks. This is not for any particular reason other than to see what the hype is and if calculating everything that goes into your body really does make a difference. So far my energy levels have deffinitely been higher and WellFed offered to provide me with a week of lunches. Their meals are a healthy balance of good fats and carbs as well as offering a high protein, post-workout  lunch. The nutritional information is all found easily on their website which made it super easy for me to track what I'd been munching and set it into my plan. 

The order system is so easy to follow and I recommend pre-ordering for the whole week so you can plan your training and other meals around it. The pick up bike on Brushfield street is super cute and the staff always seemed happy to see you. After your lunchtime 1Rebel session it's only a short 5-minute walk from the St Mary Axe studio. I will definately be back at Wellfed next week to fill my tummy with macro friendly yumminess.

Here's what my week of Wellfed looked like...


Chicken with Basil Courgetti  

I was so hungry that I didn't realise I hadn't taken a picture until half way through my meal... My first lunch was absolutely delicious and I'm a huge fan of courgetti- lower calories but super filling. As I had trained in the morning and had a high carb breakfast this meal was perfect for my lunchtime refuel. It's high in fats and protein to boost my energy after a morning of teaching and full of vegetables and goodness too. 

Steak and Harissa Cauliflower Salad.

Another delicious alternative, as well as courgetti I love cauliflower rice. A much healthier alternative to heavy carbs but really does fill a hole. Did I mention that the steak is incredible too? It's not often you get steak in a takeaway salad that's as yummy as this! 


Grilled Steak with Sweet Potato, Onion and Feta Without a doubt my favourite of all of the lunches. After a lunchtime ride session my body craves a carb intake and post-workout is the best time to have your carbs to refuel the energy levels rather than letting the protein be used up for energy (instead we want that to work on building lean muscle).


Chicken Superfoods and Quinoa salad

My least favourite of the week but mainly because cold broccoli just doesn't float my boat! However it's full of energising grains and quinoa is a great source of protein.


Mexican Chicken and Avocado Salad

If something is Mexican or involves avocado then it's got my name all over it. A perfect post-weight session meal, the drizzle of sour cream gave it a naughty feeling for Friday but was still full of all the nutrients I needed and kept me full for the 4 hours I spent in Ikea with my mother. And let's be honest, nobody wants to have 'hanger' added to that already painful situation! 

Try WellFed and use the code WELLFED1REBEL at checkout for 25% off.