We're getting up close and personal with two of our newest instructors, Ale and Chris. 

Let the grilling begin. 


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Describe your guiltiest pleasure?

ALE: Peanut butter, peanut butter, and peanut butter I just can't get enough!

CHRIS: Stopping for sweets and snacks on the way home.


What made you want to become a Rebel?


ALE: I love the vibe, the energy in the classes, the Ride studio, the music and the awesome instructors.

CHRIS: I love the approach 1Rebel have and wanted to be part of it! It's totally up my street and one of my favourite ways to train. The sessions are certainly not for the faint hearted - no fluffy sessions! 

What can the Rebel Army expect from your sessions?


ALE: High energy, great music and a sweaty mess.

CHRIS: Consistency in delivery, variety in exercises and above all results.


Where would we find you on a Friday night?


ALE: Out for sushi. It's the bomb.

CHRIS: Chilling with the kids or date night with the Mrs. 


What is your worst habit?


ALE:I fidget with my hands(it's very annoying).

CHRIS: Forgetting and losing stuff...daily. 


Who is your ultimate fantasy/celeb crush?


ALE: Scott Eastwood - I melt.

CHRIS: My last crush was as a teenager and was Jet from Gladiators! Without giving my age away...

Do you have a party trick?

ALE: After a few drinks my Latin hips let loose and I think I'm friends call it the 'sensual dance' eek.

CHRIS: No, sorry I’m not sorry. 


What is your current soundtrack?

ALE: I'm loving to sing along to Meghan Trainor at the moment. 

CHRIS: Ed Sheeran’s new stuff, it’s been too long! 


What is your poison of choice?


ALE: White wine or cider.

CHRIS: Guinness Extra Cold or Hendricks & Fever Tree served in a copa glass.


Talk us through your naughtiest meal?


ALE: Nothing too interesting here as I'm a pretty clean eater. I just eat too much of the good stuff sometimes especially peanut butter, dates and dark chocolate.

CHRIS: Hmmmm...Tiramisu followed by chocolate fudge cake with vanilla custard (cold- has to be)! Then for dessert apple pie and ice cream...maybe I should stop now? 


If you aren't in the studio where can we find you and what will you be up to?


ALE: In a cafe listening to music and working away, creating recipes in my kitchen, writing, reading or studying fitness stuff!

CHRIS: Smashing workouts, training clients for amazing results or simply spending time with my besties(my 2 girls).


If we asked an 8 year old you what you wanted to be when you were older what would you have said?

ALE: An astronaut...oops.

CHRIS: He-man or Panthro… actually at 8 maybe a Motor-Cross Racer...