Introducing Ashley Fox, one of our newest 1Rebel instructor recruits. Ashley hasn't always been the confident and bubbly Ride instructor who puts your through your paces in the studio. Struggling with low self-esteem and body issues, Ashley made a conscious effort to change her life and transform her mind and body to become the vivacious fitness fanatic she is today. Over to Ashley...

I have always had more energy than most, which led my parents to put me into dance at the age of 5.  I performed on a competitive dance team for the next 17 years of my life, travelling all over California and discovering my passions at an early age. I loved to move to music and I loved to be on stage.


As I got older and dance became more competitive, I started to be aware that my body was not the ideal dancer body. I was short and always bigger than most of the girls on my team. I think I went on my first diet at the age of 10, so young to already be hating myself for the way I looked and wanting to be different.  


I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I suffered from low self-esteem and body issues which eventually led into an eating disorder by the time I was in high school.  Although, many would argue that I was “healthy” because I never dropped to a scary weight…I was just thin. At my lowest I was down to 43 kg (around 95 pounds). I thought that the more I would restrict my food, the lighter I would be and then I could finally be happy with myself, I was wrong.


In 2005 I decided to take a break from Uni and all the stress at home, quit dance and travel the world. I needed to make a big change because despite being a size 0, I was still unhappy. I left California, Europe bound. I spent nearly 6 months travelling around Europe alone. My obsession with food started to go in the opposite direction, I was binging like crazy, making up for all the years of restricting myself. I also started heavily drinking and parting to an extreme level…but I was on holiday, so it was fine right? From Europe I went to Australia and continued to solo travel for another year. While in OZ my binge eating got way out of control and I can claim that I was a full on alcoholic. Exercise to me was walking one block to the nearest bar. I quickly gained back all the weight I had lost and started piling on the kilos, fast. I must admit, I had some fun times traveling. I was the life of the party and if you asked anyone they would argue about my insecurities.  


I had such a lack of self love and I was looking to fill that void in all the wrong ways. When I finally returned home I knew I couldn’t continue to live my life this way. I had done so much, travelled the world alone and should have been so happy and proud, but something was still missing.  With the help of family, friends, a personal trainer and therapy I started my road to recovery and discovered my love for running and fitness.


Over the course of a year I managed to get to a healthy weight through a complete lifestyle change and exercise…no diets allowed! It would be a lie to say it was smooth sailing from there. My weight has gone up and down since I recovered, however I found the tools and love for myself to accept that life is never perfect and there is more to me than that number on the scale. People’s weight fluctuates. We can’t all have rock hard abs year around for the rest of our lives and sometimes you just need to eat cake!  


I started really getting into fitness about 1 year after my recovery. It all started with Zumba, I loved the music and getting to dance again with zero pressure. From there I quickly became certified in Body Pump, Kick Boxing, Spin, Olympic Weightlifting, Piloxing and personal training, I couldn’t get enough! I found so much joy reaching out and helping shape others lives, it was truly rewarding. My career in fitness just continued to blossom and led me to teaching, marathoning, educating and presenting in now 5 different countries in the past 5 years!


I feel so lucky to be working in the fitness industry today. My past has allowed me to connect to such a wide range of people that are going through their own struggles or just need to know that they are beautiful and perfect the way they are. Through my story I have been able to touch lives and inspire change and I believe that is the greatest blessing that I can give.  


My body may not be perfect, however, it is strong and delivers! That is why I love 1Rebel. I knew I found my dream job the second I walked through the door. I felt nothing but positive energy and warm, happy, good vibes. They don't hold anyone to a picture perfect standard and they embrace the strength and uniqueness within each individual. None of us are the same and embracing our differences is what makes us beautiful and human! Be patient with yourself, and treat yourself with care…you deserve it!  


I try to motivate and push every person in my class to deliver their personal best...whatever your best is that day. Shoot, sometimes your best is just getting out of bed and showing up and even those days should be celebrated! I can’t help but have a cheesy smile on my face when I teach because I truly love what I do. I like to push hard and work outside the comfort zone, because that is where the magic happens and you discover that raw energy within yourself. My life quote is 'Live in YOUR truth, the body achieves what the mind believes.'




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