-Amy Jones

The #RebelArmy hit up our sessions for a variety of reasons and we recently caught up with Rebel Amy Jones to hear how she's been using the HIIT to help her to overcome a terrible loss and channel her inner strength. Amy shares the reason for the power behind her punch and an upcoming fundraising event that you NEED to attend. Over to Amy... 

We feel Blackmore’s absence every day. And how could we not, when aside from his enviable athletic ability – Tour de France cyclist, Marathon runner, triathlete – he was truly the best son, brother, uncle, and friend you could ever wish for. Phil was without a doubt the quickest, funniest person I’d ever met; I still burst into spontaneous laughter when I think of the things he said and did. He was always the first on the dancefloor. He was the heart of so many groups of friends. He made every room he walked into brighter. 

Phil died suddenly on New Year's Eve 2016 as the result of a brain tumour. He was 31. Just 3 months before we had gone to Berlin to watch him run the marathon with his family, which he smashed in under 3 hours 26 minutes. I cannot describe the pride we felt. I had no idea he was so unwell at the time.  

Getting news like that literally turns your world upside down. That one of the most important and biggest parts of your life isn’t going to be around anymore. The number of people left absolutely heartbroken was testament to the man Phil was. At his memorial, people got up and shared their memories of Phil. It went on for hours.  

I went to 1Rebel a lot when it happened. It helped me keep on top of how much it hurt and how angry I felt. Rumble was particularly therapeutic, and it continues to be the case that when things get tough in class and the instructor asks you to focus on what will give you strength to keep pushing on, my answer is always the same. Blackmore. 

I now know that brain tumours are one of the main causes of death in children and adults under the age of 40, and I want to raise both awareness around this and money for the amazing charities that are doing research in this area. Due to the athlete Phil was, a sporting charity fundraiser was the obvious choice, and I could only have had it at 1Rebel due to how much it has helped and supported me. 

On 20th May 2017 at 12.15pm we are holding a charity Ride in Blackmore’s honour, check it out HERE. The proceeds of which will go to Brain Tumour Research. Many of his wonderful family and friends will be Riding together to celebrate the legend Phil was, and how lucky we were to have had him in our lives.

To hear more about this fundraiser and events in the future follow Amy Jones HERE