a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.


The word first came into play in 1895, describing those who rose later on a Sunday morning with grumbly tummies hungry to tucker down on substance after enjoying a few extra tipples on a Saturday night. Missing out on the first morning meal these later risers allowed us to be wonderfully gifted with Brunch, all thanks to that wondrous wonder that is - the hangover.


Those who know me, have taken my class or stalked my Instagram, will know I’m a strong advocate for brunch. Now even though brunch originated here in Britain, I dare say after growing up down under I do believe New Zealand and Australia lead the brunch game, and thanks to the third wave coffee scene and being part of the commonwealth (thanks Lizzie) we’ve seen a rise in the brunch scene in London. 

Alongside good coffee, the rise of social media and the need for the perfect Instagram story with the right filter has changed what brunch now is. I’m sorry to say it, but long gone are the days where you can classify a “fry up” as brunch. 

It’s exciting to know that Brunch is now moving away from just eggs and bacon (nothing wrong with a classic might I add) but allowing new flavours, new combos, and new trends to tickle our tastebuds through the best meal of the day. 

With the same trends waving in when it comes to fitness and that priceless post-workout snap, here are some of my top London places to hit brunch after a sweaty Saturday or savage Sunday at 1Rebel, that will definitely get those likes up. 


Knowing your brunch spot is a down under establishment normally means it’s one step ahead of the rest. With brunch master spots like Ozone and Caravan leading the pack like Michael Phelps, I pop Lantana up there as reminder of my brunch roots. The best news is it’s right around the corner from Broadgate so after a cheeky morning Rumble a hop, skip and jump will have you down in Australia. 

Jono’s go-to - As much as I advocate smashed avo you’d think I’d choose the smashed avo three ways, but I can’t shy away from my childhood favourite of corn fritters. Good news is, the stack also comes with smashed avo, egg and bacon, it’s a win-win really. 


Hidden and tucked away in one of London’s newest and upcoming food spots, Flat Iron Square, Where the pancakes are would definitely come up as top pancakes for me in London. Believe me I have searched, so if you have another favourite then please let me know. 

What I love is it’s everything you want it to be, a menu of pure pancakes. Made with buttermilk so they are light and fluffy, these pancakes won’t put you into a food coma but a coma of pure happiness. 

Jono’s number one - stay simple with “The American”  just add bananas to this sweat and savoury combo for that post-workout electrolyte boost. Then drown it in syrup, 1 jug for every burpee right? 


The Mediterranean brunch dreams are made of, with a small catch that it’s very tiny and closed on Sunday, so make this either your new weekday getaway or reserve a table before hand. 

Its ideal for groups with the mezze to share followed by eggs that feel like they are drenched in sunshine. Post workout, a mediterranean diet is going to replenish and rejuvenate, so insert that double hand emoji. 

Jono’s Fav -  The green shakshuka and after a Reshape you can definitely go for an extra slice of Babka. 


New to the weekend brunch scene, set off the beaten track in Victoria. After my first brunch visit here I quickly placed it high my top 5. Iris & June take brunch to a next level, flavour combinations that make you question but quickly make you agree with the first bite. 

All we need now is a 1Rebel close by... For now it’s 20 minutes to cool down post Rounds on the Circle line from Liverpool St to get you there. 

Jono’s Hot pick - Their play on the smashed avo is 1) visually spectacular, 2) DEVINE, replacing halloumi with paneer and toast with a poppadum is pure genius.  

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