We're getting up close and personal with two of our newest instructors, Carli and Mark. 

Let the grilling begin. 


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Describe your guiltiest pleasure?

CARLI: Starbucks frappuccino.

MARK: Any vegan junk food, donuts, ice cream, cookies etc. If it's vegan I'm sold!


What made you want to become a Rebel?


CARLI: I am obsessed with spinning/ cycling and I have also been described as a Rebel many times...

MARK: I didn't become a Rebel, I was born one! I've always liked to break archaic mindsets and inspire people. 

What can the Rebel Army expect from your sessions?


CARLI: Loud music. I've been described as quite aggressive and not overly friendly...but don't be put off. Come to my sessions for banging Beyonce, Drake, the odd Ibiza throwback, a bit of garage and a lot of RnB/ hip hop. 

MARK: To be challenged, surrounded by banging music and get positive encouragement. 


Where would we find you on a Friday night?


CARLI: At home with homemade protein cakes.

MARK: You'll find me eating. A lot.


What is your worst habit?


CARLI: Talking really loudly. 

MARK: Not knowing when to stop eating...

Who is your ultimate fantasy/celeb crush?


CARLI: Not into fantasy. Have a decent looking fella I'm happy with.

MARK: Rosario Dawson.

Do you have a party trick?

CARLI: Eating a lot of food in one sitting. 

MARL: The best handstand you'll ever see.


What is your current soundtrack?

CARLI: Beyonce remixes, Drake Drake Drake, Rihanna, Star Boy.

MARK: The music that I'm currently recording with my rock/soul band called'Baytrees'.

What is your poison of choice?


CARLI: See above frappuccino from Starbucks...

MARK: I quit alcohol 7 years ago so I'll have green mate! #Boringfucker 


Talk us through your naughtiest meal?


CARLI: Sweets sweets sweets. Yes the full on real sugar stuff- it's the best.

MARK: Vegan pizza from fed by water in Dalston.


If you aren't in the studio where can we find you and what will you be up to?


CARLI: Working away on my laptop.

MARK: Doing pull ups on a tree or in the music studio.


If we asked an 8 year old you what you wanted to be when you were older what would you have said?

CARLI: Running my own business empire. Those that know me you know (wink).

MARK: The 8 year old me would have wanted to be a Stuntman. Not far off with the amount of accidents I manage to sustain.