We're getting up close and personal with two of our newest instructors, Carrie and Georgie. 

Let the grilling begin. 


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Describe your guiltiest pleasure?

CARRIE: Justin Bieber

GEORGIEI eat an obscene amount of peanut butter.


What made you want to become a Rebel?


CARRIE: The buzz 1R creates online matched the buzz I got when I first walked in here. The people & energy blew me away and I wanted in. 

GEORGIE: As a customer, the classes changed my life. I wanted to be part of that 

What can the Rebel Army expect from your sessions?


CARRIE: No shortcuts, high octane, technical pointers, sweat. And potential blood & tears...

GEORGIEGood vibes, big tunes, team spirit, hard work, and a lot of mind over matter. I'll be sweating it out just as hard as you on the bag or on the bike. 


Where would we find you on a Friday night?


CARRIE: At yoga :)

GEORGIE: 9 times out of 10 I'll be in bed. Otherwise in a cosy pub with my besties. And currently, away filming Ski Sunday.


What is your worst habit?


CARRIE: Burping out loud...(covers face).

GEORGIE: Biting my nails. Sorry, gross I know. 


Who is your ultimate fantasy/celeb crush?


CARRIE: Patrick Swayze when he jumps off the stage.

GEORGIEKristen Stewart. 

Do you have a party trick?

CARRIE: Generally tends to be something upside down. 

GEORGIEI can do a weird Elvis thing with my lips..ask me, I'll show you. 

What is your current soundtrack?

CARRIE: Highly depends on what I'm doing. My day to day fitness life is accompanied by a mass variety of things. Chill time is given to artists like Frank Ocean & Kendrick Lamar.

GEORGIETry/effortless by dvsn. More cool-down than workout but it's so good I can't stop playing it. 


What is your poison of choice?


CARRIE: Gin or Prosecco.

GEORGIEProsecco or tequila.


Talk us through your naughtiest meal?


CARRIE: Hmm I usually don't splurge a massive amount but I guess it's either gotta be a massive batch of American pancakes for breakie or a pizza with all the toppings. Although I've opted to be vegan over the last while so it's not as fun without the cheese...

GEORGIEI was in NYC recently and managed to spend $15 on a single bagel- that's almost impossible to do. It had EVERYTHING on it. Like everything you can think of. So naughty. So good. 


If you aren't in the studio where can we find you and what will you be up to?


CARRIE: Singing somewhere. Usually in my room working on music. Im also an actress too so potentially on your television! 

GEORGIE: Mostly outside. I'm out personal training a lot in parks around London, running, or in the mountains skiing. I am really bad at being indoors and get twitchy so I'll be out in the world somewhere roaming around. 


If we asked an 8 year old you what you wanted to be when you were older what would you have said?

CARRIE: A gymnast with the circus or a choreographer.

GEORGIE: I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. So badly. And now I'm a personal trainer, so sort of similar?! In title at least...