From weighing 25 stone and facing serious health issues, Daniel joined the #RebelArmy and turned his life around. His transforamtion is another level of inspirational...

I never set out to be 25+ stone, particularly as I played sport to a high standard as a youngster. Quite a few friends went on to become Premiership footballers but for me surgery at 15 was a turning point, and not a positive one!  Although I was never happy with my body it was only when I started to get unwell regularly that I realised I needed to do something about it.  That was 1999 and I spent the next 10 years yo-yo dieting with 25-30 stone swings, with as much as 7 stone on one occasion. My health became worse to the point I ended up in hospital every 6 months over a 2 year period and stopped responding to whatever antibiotic/steroid combos I was given. 

Recently Whilst on an early morning HIIT run from Wapping to the City, I was lunging onto the wall opposite the St Mary Axe studio, when I noticed quite a few people going inside. I thought it just a smart coffee shop, so I walked over, went inside, it then I was given the low down by the lady on duty and immediately thought this is a bit of me.When I asked what time the first class was another lady spoke up said' in 5 minutes if you are up for it!'. That was Esmée and my relationship with 1R began there and then!

What I love about 1Rebel is the style of classes (combined with the right fuel) are exactly what I need to achieve and maintain fat burn and muscle growth. The sessions aren't too long and I'm not tied to a contract. The genuine energy and warmth that I feel from every trainer and member of staff I've met in the 2 facilities  is exactly what I need to keep me feeling positive and want to return. Perfectly choreographed banging tracks, smart changing facilities and fantastic post training shakes to suit my needs.  Only thing that let the place down was no coffee bar as i like a shot or 2 of espresso before training ... but that’s now that's just been installed at St Mary Axe, everything is designed down to a tee.

My regular training is 4-5 times a week but never more than 30 minutes of work. Most is done on an empty stomach, this just works for me.  After my first session i knew I’d found somewhere special and all the friends / family i’ve taken with me for a workout since have all returned !  My first session was with Esmée and I connected immediately with the whole concept.  Subsequently saw her "meet the trainer" video and realised why I found the whole thing so special. I laughed and understood that if she could do it, then we all could, and I thought I had positive energy until I met Tiago. These are just 2 of the instructors I've trained with so far. 

My whole routine has just changed. I wake up, smile , hydrate, smash my body to bits for 20-30 minutes , get my first meal right then everything else falls into place for the next 16 hours. 

Talking to people, giving advice, and being an inspiration for others when they think it's impossible, all of these things help the maintenance process. The whole place is fantastic and everyone just gets it. One thing I know for certain is that I'm a Rebel for life.