I was always told 'you look good for a big girl' and I could never decide if that was a compliment or not... 

Last August I weighed 22st 3lbs and finally decided that I’d had enough of constant yoyo eating on the Atkins and every other diet under the sun. I knew that I needed to start getting active, but didn't feel overly confident to use my local gym as I didn't like working out in public. I went on eBay, bought a 20-minute workout DVD and started working out every day. I then started working at 1Rebel in the November and at first I would only watch the classes without feeling confident enough to join in. Eventually Lisa persuaded me to try my first Rumble class and after that I never looked back. I started smashing out 3 sessions a week and then decided to challenge myself to do 3 Rumbles and 2 Reshapes a week. 

It hasn’t been easy, but WOW has it been rewarding. From being too shy to work out around others I now I do 5 sessions a week and I’m addicted to the burn. One year after deciding to take control of my health and change my lifestyle. I now weigh 14st 2lb.

1.What keeps you motivated to come to Rebel sessions? 

My 1Rebel colleagues and the trainers keep my motivation up to the max. They are great people with great drive and encourage me to push harder every day. It also helps seeing the difference in clothes and pictures from last year!

2.What made you want to change your lifestyle? What was the moment when you decide to change yourself?

I've always wanted to maintain a healthy weight but from constant yoyo dieting, my weight just kept increasing. I was really choosing the lazy option because it was easier to sit on the sofa than exercise. I realised that I wanted to stop making excuses and start being the healthiest version of myself. 

3.What does your diet look like now?

I watch my white carb intake and I tend to stick to healthy carbs instead such as fruit and veg. I still have an odd chocolate bar as a treat, but only once a month or so, so that I maintain that discipline. I eat small regular meals and always make sure I have a breakfast and don't eat too late at night. Also I now drink loads of water, it does me wonders!

4.As well as looking incredible physically, how has training changed your mental state and positivity?

Training has increased my confidence massively. I now feel fantastic and my energy is at an all time peak, thanks endorphins! I look at life so differently now because I have achieved something I never thought I could, which makes me proud every day. I never imagined that I would be able to do a personal best of 15kph on the treadmill or lift weights above 10kg or even complete hill rides for 45 minutes whilst doing push ups on the handle bars.


5.Talk to us about the 1Rebel instructors and how they have motivated you to push yourself to your maximum.

I did my first Rumble session with Lisa and after that I was addicted. I went to every single one of her 15:30 classes in the week and she made me feel I could do anything I set my mind to. She noticed my strength was increasing and always gave me positive encouragement. Esmee finally talked me into her Reshape and at first I was terrified to even attempt it. My first session wasn't easy but I got over the hurdle and now I do a session every day. Melissa always pushes me to my squat rep max and Tiago's lunchtime Ride sessions always put me in the best mood for the rest of the day.  The energy all the trainers give off would leave anyone ready to face the bikes, bags and treadmills like a warrior. 

6.After this incredible transformation, where do you see your training regime going from here?

I plan on keeping up with my training as I'm now truly addicted. I have this new found energy, positivity and strength that I want to use to help and motivate others like myself. I'm also planning a new career path as a personal trainer so that's my goal for 2017. 

7.What would you say to others who are too scared to join the Rebel Army and change their lifestyle? My 1Rebel experience started from hiding behind a punch bag in Rumble, as I didn't want others seeing I wasn't as strong as them. However once I overcame the fear and as soon as I started to see the physical changes, I would remind myself I'm doing this for me; this is my challenge no one else's. The energy from these classes is amazing and the welcoming, caring vibe and attitude from the trainers and even clients makes anyone forget their fears once behind the studio doors. 


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