You’ve been to an early morning Reshape, you walk to work starving and end up grabbing a chocolate croissant and being hungry again 10 minutes later? Lunchtime Ride, you squeeze in the 45mins class and have to rush back and end up grabbing a tuna sandwich, crisps and a coke. Sound familiar?


Sure, it's not the end of the world. But if you're trying to fuel/refuel a 1Rebel session the right way and 

eat a little healthier, I've listed my top healthy ‘fast food’ spots where you can grab some goodness on the go.


Best for: Intolerances, the super health conscious

 Superfood Scrambled Eggs

Two free range eggs, spinach, tomato, chilli, Greek style cheese, toasted seeds (with or without a slice of malted brown toast or protein bread). 

A nice amount of protein with a good range of nutrients first thing in the morning. 

 Piri Piri chicken stew 

Stew with 3 grain rice, served with a side salad of peas, edamame beans, carrots, leek, kale & red chilli. 

Lower carb option - ‘hot and skinny pod’ with more of the above salad and minus the rice. 

Chicken or Salmon detox box


Best for: A healthy meat feast

Lush skewers of quality cuts and picks of fish, meat, poultry and veg. Bar the ceviche style skewers, they marinate the cuts for 20 hours and then grill them to perfection. All served with salad. 

Quinoa, rice, couscous and dips are all available too. 


A healthy kebab (that actually tastes so good), it’s a shame it’s not open at 4am on Saturdays!


Best for: Nutritious Indulgence (they also do boozy brunches)

 Summer Porridge (GF) 

Coconut, Quinoa, Chia & Flaxseed Porridge w Fresh Berries, Activated Almonds, Candied Seeds, Freeze Dried Berries, Flowers & Bee Pollen

Avocado on Charcoal 

Organic fermented activated charcoal sourdough w avocado & lime and lemon dukkah - can also add eggs and homemade chilli pesto



Best for: More filling options

 Chargrilled Chicken Hot Box 

Chargrilled chicken thigh with fresh chopped herbs, served with brown rice and slaw. Nice and filling!

 Original Superfood - low carb option

Broccoli, peas, cucumber, avocado, quinoa, feta, mint and parsely. You can also opt for the chargrilled chicken side to up your protein


Best for: Hangovers & Healthy Snacks

 Veggie Greens Super Juice - no sugars

(only for the brave)

Kale, spinach, ginger, lime, celery & cucumber.

If you've had a messy weekend I recommend adding Ginseng (boost energy levels) and Gurana (delays sleep and works wonders on hangovers)

 Simply Protein Box

Ham, Smoked Salmon, Avocado, marinated chicken, eggs, spinach, herbs and lemon. High in protein for those lean gains. 


Best for: Anyone who’s fussy or is targeting specific macros 

 A selection of salads on offer but you can also create your own from various different, bases, proteins and extras. 


They have an online nutritional calculator in which you can select the ingredients if you are in competition training or just being super anal.


A special mention to the Fiery Eggs just because the combo is so good (can add toast)

Scrambled eggs, feta, avocado, tomatoes and chill flakes