Six months ago we sat down with 1R instructor Danny Gates, who had just joined the team and had his own addition to the family, with the birth of his baby boy, Archie. A few more burpees and nappy changes down the line we caught up with Danny again, who is now a 1R Master Trainer and concept manager for Rumble. 


From Rebel-Hood to father-hood to Master Trainer, Danny shares his secrets for juggling little Archie and the #RebelArmy...

So Danny, last time we spoke little Archie had just been born, what’s changed in the last 6 months? 


6 months...! Wow! Time has gone so quickly. Archie is no longer little, learns something new every day, is constantly copying everything we do, eating real food and is now rolling over which he finds hilarious!


We asked you previously what you felt your biggest achievement is; becoming a father or joining the Rebel Team. Now we we want to know again...BEING a father or becoming 1R’s latest Master Trainer?  


I was so overwhelmed to become a Master Trainer, it was one of my goals on first joining the company and when I got asked to become Master Trainer I was so happy. However, there is nothing quite like being a dad...seeing Archie's face light up every time he sees me is completely priceless. 


What’s been the most difficult part of juggling fatherhood and your new Master Trainer responsibilities?  


The sleepless nights! Last week I rocked into work on only 5 hours' sleep and had 6 sessions back-to-back! Luckily enough the Rebel Army always turns UP, especially in January. Everyone has been on fire in 2017 so it makes it easier to get going and get my head in the game! 


Tell us honestly, who puts you through your paces more, Archie or the #RebelArmy? 


The Rebel Army have been unbelievable, not just this month but in general- they NEVER give up. I also have a group of people who now attend my sessions every week without fail and they always perform. Archie has me wrapped around his little finger though...and I think he knows it already.  


Do you think Archie has got what it takes to join the #RebelArmy yet? 


Of course! He is rolling around now, so I reckon box jumps next and then of course my signature lower body exercise that everyone loves...Bunny Hops (right, #RebelArmy?).


Tell us about the White Collar Boxing challenge you're heading up…is Archie the 1R mascot?  


The white collar challenge is so exciting. Our aim is to take the Rebel Army through 19 sessions of technique, drills, pad work and sparring which will lead us to fight night on the 30th March at The Millennium Hotel, Mayfair. And yes, Archie will be there kitted out in 1R, supporting all of you hardcore Rebels.   


When you’re not training up Archie to become the next Rocky, when can we jump into one of your sessions? 


When can you not?! The only days I'm not at 1Rebel are Wednesdays and Sundays. Hit the website, search for Danny and all my sessions will appear (all 21 of them so NO excuses!)


Now that you’re our Master Trainer and Head of Concept for Rumble, are there any words of wisdom you want to share with everyone?


Just be yourself. You can achieve anything you want and don't let anybody tell you differently. Hard work will always pay off so be patient, stay focused on the goal, you may have to lead a different path to get there but the main aim is to achieve it- that's all that matters. 

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