Turning up to your first session can be intimidating for anyone. The #RebelArmy come from varied backgrounds and have different fitness abilities, but all have one thing in common: pure, relentless commitment. They PUSH themselves past limits they thought weren't possible, and that's what makes the community here at 1R so strong. We asked one of our first timers, Lucy Johnson, to sum up her first experience of 1Rebel and here's what she thought...


Any avid gym-goer will be familiar with 'the fear' which hits you when you sign up to a new class. It's akin to the first day in a new job, with those voices in your head muttering: 'I won't know anyone'; 'where is everything?'; 'what will everyone look like'; and, crucially, 'will I be able to do it?' 


Walking into 1Rebel for the first time, I was filled with that fear and those voices. I had no idea what to expect from Rumble: their unique boxing class held in a darkened, circular room. Each participant has their own punch bag to be used for the MMA rounds, which are then interspersed with cardio rounds (think burpees, press ups and endless planks). Feeling 'the fear', I put on my wraps and gloves, and walked into the studio, to the adrenalin-revving music of 'Right Here, Right Now': the perfect track to get your blood pumping. And then comes 45 minutes of a fantastic new experience. There were moments when I laughed at the madness of what I was being asked to do (a burpee followed by a jump to punch the top of your 7-feet, 60kg bag anyone?).

Afterwards, however, though exhausted, I also felt elated. And that is a feeling that stays with you long after the sweat has dried. 


Due to media pressure, the focus on thinness and being thin via exercise is often overwhelming. However, 1Rebel is different. Here, the focus is on ENERGY, one of the key differences between 1Rebel and other fitness studios. 1Rebel has a unique focus on maintaining a balance between wellbeing, fitness and looking your best. Most studios don't maintain all three in harmony; wellbeing is all too often overlooked in favour of how you will look at the end of your workout, which is then ingrained in participants. At 1Rebel, the focus is on being fit not thin.  The classes are evenly mixed, and the women are at least as strong as the men; you will never see Lycra-clad pipe-cleaner legs here. There is no way you will get through a Rumble class on a green juice and raw vegan salad; you need to fuel and refuel properly. The focus is on how you feel both mentally and physically, thus giving your body what it needs. 


Previously, like many 20-something girls, I worked out on a lower energy intake than recommended, with social media ideals of thinness heavily ingrained. 1Rebel encourages you to think differently and offers you everything your body needs. At the end of a Rumble class, don't be alarmed when the instructor shouts 'PROTEIN', a demand that can be met in the reception area, at the delicious smoothie/shake bar. There is no calorie-fear here; everyone realises that they need this refuel to get results and, most importantly, to have enough energy to hit 1Rebel again. 


Fit not thin, strong not skinny. These widely-quoted messages only took on real meaning for me through my experience at 1Rebel. Now there's no fear of whether I am able to do it, just when I can do it next.