They know your name, they know your shoe size, but how much do you know about the Rebel Front of House? We're proud to boast of the most varied array of talent on a gym front desk. Want models? We've got them. Want graphic designers? We've got them. Want circus performers? We'll throw a few of them at you too. It's time to meet some of the people behind the laptops and find out what the mystery is to fixing your locker... 

WHO: Simon

WHAT: Working FOH, jazzing up the playlists, attempting to remember your name and trying to curb my northern accent so you can all understand me.

SESSION: Reshape, I’ve had my love affair with Rumble & Ride as well but double-floor Reshape is my new favourite workout. I had to practically crawl out of Danny’s class last week, I live with the constant Reshape fear until I’m in the studio, its a love/hate relationship.



Simon has ALL the sass. Ask him to throw his favourite dance move out and you'll get a full on performance. You've been warned.

SKILL: Outside 1Rebel I’m a contemporary dancer, choreographer and movement director. I toured the UK and US with Richard Alston Dance Company and I’m currently rehearsing for a show with Sara Dos Santos. I also work on music promos and live shows for artists. I recently assisted the choreography for Vault’s ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ video that soundtracked the John Lewis Christmas advert and I movement direct XL Recordings artist Låpsley. Including the video for her full of disco goodness track ‘Operator (DJ Koze Edit)’ and her European tour.

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Or I’m also quite chatty so ask me anything, anytime.


WHO: Georgia

WHAT: You’ll find me doing what at 1Rebel? Calling you sweetheart or darling when I check you in, changing the SMA Ride canopy or dancing around to the cheesy 80's playlist. Or this week you can catch me taking over the 1Rebel Instagram stories with my cheese jokes. I'm also the owner of the cute shih tzu that frequents SMA.


SESSION: Ride. So much so, that I'm training to become an instructor. It just makes me happy. Or a cheeky Double Shot. Just so I can die in Reshape and then come back to life in Ride. 



If you didn't already know Georgia LOVES a cheese joke, and seriously, she knows them all. Ask for a cheeky pun when you're picking up your towel and water, you won't be disappointed.


SKILL: I'm an actress and writer. I trained at Guildford School of Acting, and when I left, I realised there wasn't that many comedy roles for women, so I started writing them. Along with two friends, we set up our own theatre company - JunkBox Theatre, with the idea of writing roles that we wish existed. We sold out our first play Stiff Dicky (a comedy I wrote about a guy overdosing on viagra) and are now taking that, plus another play wot I wrote (if you get that reference, I will love you forever) to the wonderful Edinburgh Fringe. We're actually in the middle of a Kickstarter which you can all visit if you feel like being an absolute beauty - check it here.


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