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Hopefully you've had a chance to Ride with me on a Saturday morning, but for those who don't know me, I'm Fran. I've been away for most of August, so the perfect opportunity to say hello from my travels to Monte Carlo and New York visiting friends and working with a few clients.
If you didn't already know this, one of my main passion's in life is fashion. I am obsessed with workout gear that serves multiple purposes. So I thought I'd take some time to share few hidden gems that I have grown to love over the years. 

Let's start with some luxe. My absolute favourite site for luxe workout gear is Carbon38. They carry various lines but their own brand is what I really swoon for. Their leggings are edgy, tops are such good quality and take you from high street to Rebel in an instant. They ship to the UK for $30 (£20) and their sizing is just right.  



Bra wise, if you haven't tried a Lululemon bra, you are seriously missing out. These are a lifesaver and a workout staple. Do experiment with prints and patterns, but stick to darker colours so you get more value for money. Those in the know can attest that these babies don't come cheap but are well worth it! 

(Picture 2)

Leggings Carbon38
Top: Carbon38
Bra: Lululemon  

(Just remember to order in US sizes! Trick is to subtract 4 from your UK size so a 12UK is an 8US.) 

On the fast fashion side, my ultimate favourite brand is Oysho. I happened to stumble across  this shop on a trip to Barcelona visiting a great friend of mine Val who is also an incredible physiotherapist and beach workout guru. She introduced me to the brand and it's been love and happiness ever after.... 

( Picture 3)

Another lesser known favourite is South Beach. Because every girl needs a bit of mesh legging in her life but paying through the odds for an item with holes in it just doesn't seem that practical?!? These leggings are so comfy and have just the right amount of tummy coverage. Perfect for your morning after that big night out Ride, Reshape, or Rumble. ;)

(Picture 4)

And even better all these fast fashion brands are available now on 


So that's a few fashion words of wisdom from me Rebels. Enjoy and see you very soon on a Saturday am for a big sweat. 

(Picture 5) 


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