As you all know we’ve recently joined forces with MunchFit, high quality fitness food, to help the #RebelArmy fuel and re-fuel our intense HIIT sessions properly.

Coming in three different categories, Burn, Build and Balance, the recipes and ingredients complement different types of training related to your fitness goals.

Our Head Office is taking on a range of challenges over the next few months from marathons to White Collar boxing training and we decided to put MunchFit to the test and see how it assists our training.

Rosie, our Sales Director is hitting up the White Collar Boxing challenge and started her MunchFit journey last week…



I’ve recently taken on 1Rebel’s White Collar Boxing training, which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30pm. I’m an early bird, and the late start to the training means I need to keep myself fuelled sufficiently throughout the day to perform at my peak during the evening sessions. Unfortunately, I have a terrible habit of eating well until the afternoon, at which point I give in to a never-ending downward spiral of biscuits, Haribo, chocolate bars…not exactly the perfect fuel for those HIIT sessions.

Observing my diet, I noticed that often I would do a lunchtime session at 1Rebel and refuel with a protein-deficient salad (or similar) grabbed from a supermarket shelf, whose nutritional value was completely inadequate to support the effort I was putting into my training effectively.

Enter MunchFit.


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pre-ordering their meals in advance, ready to pick up each day after my lunchtime 1Rebel hit. The foodie in me has always been sceptical about ‘fitness food’ companies, as I’ve felt that taste is compromised in order to achieve the correct macros. But the meals I’ve had from MunchFit rival some of the best I’ve eaten in restaurants – if you don’t believe me, try the cacao-rubbed steak with kale and pecans, and you’ll think again. I decided on the 'BURN' category (for shredding and fat loss) and features high protein and healthy carbs. 

We’re two weeks into White Collar Boxing training, and I’m feeling fitter and stronger than ever before. The sugar cravings have disappeared and the meals are wholesome enough to keep me going right through the afternoon, without the need to resort to the biscuit tin.

And the best part? Choosing my meals for the week ahead on a Friday leaves me genuinely excited to come to work on a Monday. Now that’s something worth paying for!


Also, if you’re interested in joining me and participating in the White Collar Boxing training or watching the fight itself, drop me an email

MunchFit meals are available to purchase from our St Mary Axe studio and our Front of House team will be able to assist and advise on the best meal category to reach your goals and complement your training regime. Follow MunchFit on Instagram for their latest recipes.