We're getting up close and personal with one of our co-founders, Giles Dean and our Head of Brand, Lewis Parkinson. And if you weren't yet aware, it's a bit of a family affair.

Father and son go head-to-head, things are about to get heated...


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1. What’s one thing we wouldn’t know about Lewis/Giles? 


Lewis: Whenever Giles orders a pint of lager in a bar, he specifically asks for it to be served in a ‘tulip glass’. This is because he feels that the balance of all other pint glasses is off. It’s so embarrassing that I usually go and hide in the unlikely event he gets a round in. 


Giles: He once launched himself over a bar to try and impress the ladies (trying to be cool) but ended up smashing all of the glasses on the other side and having to pay all the damages (not so cool)...

2. Where would we find you on a Friday night?


Lewis: I’ve spent the last couple of Friday nights in Flat Iron. I can’t get enough of the place. Although on Fridays after a full day at work I like going home for fish and chip Friday (F&CF), and a bottle of wine with the Mrs. 

Giles:Enoteca de Luca

3. So you’re both known for liking a drink (or two), what’s your poison of choice?


Lewis: If not wine or beer, then it’d have to be a whiskey based cocktail. An old fashioned or something similar. 


Giles:Sauvignon Blanc/ Aberlour single malt

4. How many sessions do you do a week? (HONESTLY)


Lewis: Admittedly I am still working my way out of the Christmas break of 2015. However I have definitely done aprx. 4323453459428 more sessions than Giles. 

Giles: 0 (soon to increase...)


5.Which celebrity would you liken yourself to?

Lewis:Tough question… I remember Giles once saying (while watching Xfactor) that he wanted to be the Simon Cowell of fitness. What ever he answers with, just bear in mind ’Simon Cowell’ is probably what he really wants to answer with.


Giles:Rocky - starts from the bottom and works his way to greatness (although I am still trying to achieve the greatness...) ;)


6. What's the last lie you told to the other one?

Lewis: I borrowed his phone to download Uber Eats. I actually put my own referral code in, ordered myself food from his account, and then gained my referral credit. ps. If anyone wants £10 free Uber Eats credit, download the app and enter: EATS-VONS 

Giles: That he's getting a payrise. 


7. What song would be the theme tune to your life? 

Lewis:I’m really struggling for an answer to this. So I googled it and found a buzzfeed questionnaire, apparently its Beyonce - run the world. Awkward.

Giles: Eye of the Tiger

8. Would you rather eat just kale for 1 month or drink 1 pint of Guinness for breakfast every day? 

Lewis:Is the latter supposed to be something that I’d find difficult?

Giles: Guinness.