To celebrate International Women's Day, we’re celebrating the strong women we admire + look to for inspiration. 1Rebel is full of them and we asked our female trainers who have inspired them in their career.
We feel so lucky to have all the amazing women in the Rebel Family inspiring, supporting and motivating us every day. 

Trainer: Mel

I'm shouting out about: Kim

Why: She's an absolute boss of a business woman but at the same time she's very down to earth and relatable. She REALLY knows her shit, her teaching is flawless and she is the queen of Reshape in my opinion. She also has such a lovely warm energy around her which makes you feel super comfortable in an environment which some people find intimidating - you just want to be friends with her! Whenever I need to get re-inspired, I try to jump in to one of her classes as this always does the trick perfectly. Personally she was also super supportive and encouraging towards me whilst I was on Reshape trainer camp and she had so much faith in me which motivated me even more ♥️

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Trainer: Jess

I'm shouting out about: Sarah S

Why: Because she's low key & trains like an absolute BEAST. Sarah is currently training for a triathlon and she barely ever posts or boasts about how hard she trains and works on her fitness but as her mate I know and she inspires me to train harder all the time without even knowing it!!!

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Trainer: Gussy

I'm shouting out about: Vicky

Why: I’ve never come across anyone that’s taken such a hit of negatives from one industry and then still never fails to deal with everyone fairly and with a massive smile on their face. This girl is absolutely wonderful and attack’s any situation with care and a positive attitude. And she’s an absolute KICKASS instructor! Go Vicky!!! 

Trainer: Megan B

I'm shouting out about: Vicky

Why: Not only is she an insane Trainer, she’s always here to look after our Rebel Army! She goes above and beyond in making sure our backs are covered and that you guys always have a wicked trainer to teach your session! She is also one of the nicest/smiliest badasses I’ve ever met. I was lucky enough to train with Vicky and her strength, skill and stamina motivated me to work even harder - so thanks Vicky for being kickass!

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Trainer: Kim

I'm shouting out about: Bryony

Why: When I first started teaching at 1Rebel Bryony was one of the friendliest people ever, she made me feel so welcome in what was such a foreign environment for me to be in. And she hasn't changed! She still has the biggest smile in the room, the most infectious positive energy and is an absolute ray of sunshine at 1Rebel– we are so lucky to have her back. I think everyone needs a dose of Bryony in their life to spread her positive vibes. Also- damn she is strong! So not only do I swoon over her life outlook but I also marvel at all the skills she has!

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Trainer: Carrie 

I'm shouting out about: Sammy 

Why: Since I started working at Rebel 2 years ago I have never seen this lady without a beaming smile on her face. She’s an incredible coach but what I most admire about her is her ability to juggle both her passions and balance her life to how she wants it. Balance is tricky and following a dream is hard but Sammy is such a great inspiration on this front. Big Love girl x 

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Trainer: Harper

I'm shouting out about: Jess 

Why: Even after a year of knowing Jess she continues to inspire me! She’s one of the most genuine, down to earth and passionate females I know. She trained me up in the Rumble concept and made me believe in myself, at times when I really doubted my ability. Not only is she a super inspiring and a motivating 1Rebel trainer, but she is also an amazing friend! She’s an all round TOP GAL who deserves a shout out not only on international women’s day- but EVERY DAY! What a legend. 

Trainer: Clementina 

I'm shouting out about: Jess 

Why: A year ago I had just decided to go self employed and wanted to find the best fitness studios in London to see where I would like to become a trainer. 

The first studio I tried was 1Rebel and I took part in Rumble with Jess. It was incredible, I had never taken part in a class so motivation, challenging and fun! Jess knew exactly what to say at the right time to connect with me and get me to push further than I thought. I knew then and there that I wanted to be a Rebel! Jess had noticed how hard I was training and we chatted after the session. We had a lot in common and I felt I had an instant connection with her. She said she wanted to get me an audition to become a trainer and she put that into motion, that is how my journey with 1Rebel started! 

A year on I am now a triple threat trainer at the best studio in London surrounded by the best trainers, members and colleagues - my 1Rebel family - and I couldn’t be happier! 

I have a lot to thank Jess for; One for being an amazing trainer, two for noticing me, and three for opening the door and giving me the opportunity to work with her and believing in me.

Jess - you have helped instill in me a new found confidence, you have helped me grow as a trainer and as a women, you are always there to listen and give me invaluable advice! Thank you so much for being you! 

Trainer: Ami

I'm shouting out about: Tash

Why: For being grounded, real, personable and always going that extra mile unasked.

Trainer: Jodie

I'm shouting out about: Tash

Why: Because she takes life by the balls, she is humble and grounded and just an all round legend!!!!

Trainer: Tash

I'm shouting out about: Jodie


Jodie inspires me as a trainer but also as a human being. Let me explain!

She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and yet anyone can step into her class and not feel intimidated; she builds you up to make you stronger.

Jodie has the biggest heart and she chooses her words carefully yet when you see her on the bag in the Rumble room, she’s fiery and powerful and she holds no prisoners. When I think about what it is to be a strong woman, I think of Jodie because no woman is only one thing, everybody is totally unique and training with Jodie reminded me to embrace that and let it be your driving force. 

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Trainer: Gabby

I'm shouting out about: Every trainer

Why: For not only showing up everyday but for supporting, encouraging and absolutely bossing even when they're tackling their own journey that nobody would have a clue about. The energy that everybody brings is next level and that's what inspires me.

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