We're getting up close and personal with two of our newest instructors, Jono and Marcus. 

Let the grilling begin. 


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Why should we come to your sessions over all the other 1R instructors? 

JONO:How many times can you say you smashed your sprint PB in front of a Freddie Mercury look a like? 

MARCUS:I specialise in boxing and have been training students how to box and preparing them for fights for more than 7 years. I believe that by attending each and every class I teach you will have the opportunity of getting better and developing your fighting skill set. I will make you push yourself to the next level with new moves whilst at the same time you will be perfecting the basics. If you wanna see why I stand out you gotta come to one of classes. Actions speak louder than words and talk is cheap. Lace up and put your ‘can do’ attitude on.


How did you get into the world of fitness?


JONO:I come from a professional dance background, so have always lived a very active lifestyle. When training full time as a dancer I started to get hooked on the elements that supported keeping my body in shape for the stage.

Since moving to London one thing led to another and now I'm a Personal Trainer, instructor, running half marathon's and lovin' it! Our bodies are amazing in what they can do and how far we can push them. My goal is to share what I learn along the way by bringing that into my sessions. Fitness is such an evolving world we should be open to where it can take us and how it can allow us to live healthier, happier lives. 

MARCUS: I always had a passion for training and when I was at the gym or training myself I would always watch out and help other members out with their workouts and training regimes.

I actually really enjoy training others and passing on my boxing knowledge and experience. The biggest challenge is teaching someone from slapping forward with the boxing glove to actually punching technically correct with the relevant footwork being on point and trust me when I achieve this the reward is simply indescribable. 

The most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?

JONO:Well, it would have to be the one night I decided to just book flights and move to NYC for a year. I knew one person in the city, flew in a day after Hurricane Sandy and wondered what I was doing navigating my way through the rat infested subway. Being a rebel for me isn't about doing something wrong, it's about pushing boundaries, going outside your comfort zone, putting yourself out there in the unknown, because when you do you realise it's not as scary as you thought, in fact it's mega rewarding.

MARCUS:I took the batteries out of my mum’s Sky remote...I’m such a bad ***. 


Where can we find you on a Friday night? 

JONO: I'm a proud grandpa these days - bed by ten kinda guy. But on the flip side I'm normally up early and as they say the early bird catches the worms right? Or in my case just heads out to brunch on a Saturday morning.


MARCUS: You would find me in bed sleeping. Or maybe not. Provided I don't have work the next day I believe it's good to blow off some steam. Work hard and enjoy life! One bad meal doesn’t make you fat and one good meal doesn’t make you skinny J I am a strong believer of work life balance so some Friday nights I will be sleeping ,some not J TGIFing all the way though ! 


What’s your poison of choice?

JONO:Tequila! I think my Mariachi Mexican Moustache gives that one away really. 

MARCUS:Considering boxing is my forte I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol consumption. I do enjoy a scotch on the rocks though or if I am feeling a bit more experimental it will have to be a long island ice tea ;)


If you could be any superhero…?

JONO: Batman. Common, have you seen the Batmobile! 

MARCUS: I would choose superman as he has it all (looks, power and the ladies) and he is the only one that can fly in speedos over his pants and STILL look cool!


If you could be a celebrity for a week, who would you choose? 

JONO: Because it would be a fascinating / insightful week, maybe Justin Bieber? Pokemon go, shorts over pants, rekindling the relationship with Selena for a twitter up roar. It would be an odd week let's be honest, but never say never. 

MARCUS: Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ . Muscles , charisma , good sense of humour and likeable by everyone.

What’s your shower song?

JONO:I'm really not a singer, as much as the wannabe broadway star inside me screams out, I'm more a lip-sync battle kid, so depending on my mood it would be something under the category of old school 80's/90's pop, all those golden karaoke jams! 

MARCUS: Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing . Showering is the prep for the healing , no ?


What gets you really angry..?

JONO: It takes a lot to get me really wound up, but I have to take a deep breath when I encounter extreme slow wonderers or those who stand on the left of the escalator, basically just don't get in my way I'm on my commute, especially if I haven't had coffee yet! 

MARCUS:Haters. Hating doesn't get you girls, money or success so why waste your energy on it ?!!