Our trainers are here to tell you why you can still complete your New Years Resolutions. 


So we're nearing the end of January. The month of adopting new routines and lifestyles all to become the better you of 2019. However, for many those New Year's resolutions have gone a little off course. Not going to the gym as many times as you had planned or eating something you’re not meant to, has left you with a sense of failure, making you less motivated to continue and pursue your goals. Mentally, we’ve already blown it and we aren’t even at February. But Rebels, there’s still time; and plenty of it…


A few of our trainers are here to tell you that a step back is okay, that failure and success come in all different forms and a little pep talk to remind you to get up and Just Move:


"It’s funny that we’re still

so afraid of failure".

It’s funny that we’re still so afraid of failure. Having conquered many little battles over the years, surely we are capable of staring fear in the face and overcoming it?


However, it still seems to be a big reason to why so many of us don’t achieve the goals we want to.

It’s almost impossible to go through life without experiencing some sort of failure, big or small. Yet it’s an emotion so many struggle to deal with.


So what are we are so afraid of? Being judged by others, not completing or reaching something we thought we could have. To me, the fear of failure is a sign of passion. And this is how we should all embrace the feeling. It’s amazing that we can care so strongly about things in our lives and if we do fail whilst trying to get there, it’s not a set back but something to embrace and learn from.


Ignore the judgement of others. You can learn from trial and error. Nothing is perfect first time round.


"Training can be like sex,

the more you do it the more you want it".

Participation is key. If you wait for the perfect time you’ll never begin.

As a Trainer, I aim to encourage you to do the most with whatever energy you have on that day.

Sometimes you’ll reach new personal bests; other times, it's ok to come to sessions and just move.


Training can be like sex, the more you do it the more you want it, so don't let your relationship with exercise fall into a rut. Keep it exciting, try new things, accept that when you're exhausted you might just have to go through the motions but you're still going to feel better after.


Ultimately, everyone is different, find what works for you and keep doing it. Walk, run, dance, lift, climb, ski, swim...Just Move.


“If you fail to plan,

you are planning to fail”.

What is a New Years resolution? I’ve always seen it as a promise to myself that this year I’m going to be better, lose/gain weight, work harder and try not to mess anything up (lol no pressure).

I’ve always written a long list detailing everything I need to change about myself and everything I want to learn. In the past I’ve promised myself I’d learn Japanese, complete a skydive, run 3 marathons in a year and other kinds of ridiculousness. To no surprise, my second language is not Japanese, I’m not a marathon enthusiast and I’m yet to chuck myself out of a plane.


The reason I’ve not succeeded with these resolutions is because of two things - WHY I want to do it and HOW I’m going to achieve it.


If you don’t know why you’re really doing something, you’re going to lose interest quickly. And with no plan of how you’re going to get there, you’re going to go off track. As they say “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.


So plan small steps you can build on, leading you to your end goal. Learn something new for 5 minutes a day, start getting off the tube one stop before your usual so you can walk for 10 minutes longer, just get your body moving. We're all capable of hitting the goals we want, but don’t set yourself up for disappointment before you have even started.

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