They work together, they train together and now they live together. We're getting up close and personal with 2 of our instructors, Lisa and Jodie. 

Let the grilling begin. 


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What’s one thing we wouldn’t know about Jodie/Lisa? 

LISA:There's loads you wont know about Jodie because she's so modest. Jodie is an incredible hip hop dancer. INCREDIBLE. She's part of 'Boy Blue' and she was one of the dancers in the Olympic opening ceremony. 


JODIE:Lisa does an amazing impression of Tina Turner and is great at accents!

You spend a lot of time around each other in studio and at home, what’s the other one's worst habit?


LISA:She nags at me for leaving food in the sink! Also, I've started calling her "half job Jodie". Ask her why next time you see her!

JODIE: She leaves soggy food in the sink, like eggs...enough said. 

Where would we find you on a Friday night?

LISA:On the sofa, ordering from Deliveroo, watching Netflix. Rockstars. 

JODIE:You would find us passed out of the sofa- Netflix and chill with some sweet treats!

We’ve heard that you both struggle to keep your drink down…what’s the worst condition you’ve seen each other in?

LISA: Oh lord. Well, neither of us drink really but there was this one time. ONE TIME. We drank too much tequilla and...the rest is a blur. But the next morning she looked like death and so did I.


JODIE: Rat Race was the worst condition I've seen Lisa in, although I'm not sure I even remember seeing her I was in such a pickle. Basically after Rat Race Lisa pulls out a bottle of tequila and says 'tequila's a clean spirit you won't get a hangover if you only drink tequila' what did we do?! The day after we couldn't move for about 12 hours!


What's the last lie you told to each other?

LISA:Never. We're both too straight talking to tell porkies.

JODIE:Erm, I can't say I've told a lie, however I do sometimes forget to tell Lisa certain things...(oops)


Which celebrity would you liken Jodie/ Lisa to?

LISA: Hmmm I have no idea. I've come back to this question twice and I still can't think of anyone. I guess she's just too unique...Haha, smooth.

JODIE: I would liken her to Tina Turner after seeing her full blown performance in the kitchen on Sunday night, singing 'Simply The Best' at the top of her lungs!


What’s the last thing the other person did at home to annoy you?  

LISA: Ok, are you ready for this. It's Bank Holiday Sunday and I've just got back from a 3 day training camp and absolutely exhausted. I'm just about to pass out on the sofa where I intend to be for the rest of the day/evening and Jodie texts me saying 'the landlord is coming round at 7 to talk about the water bill...' WHAT, why?! Who does that. 

JODIE: She came home from boxing and threw her stinking, sweaty t-shirt in my face. 

You guys are breaking the ultimate rule of mixing business and pleasure- what advice would you give to work colleagues who are considering living together? 

LISA: Work and train so hard you never have to see each other. OR. Open, honest and respectful communication is key to any successful relationship, so polish up on your communication and listening skills and you'll live happily ever after.

JODIE: Just do what we do - work at different times so that you never see each's like ships passing in the night. Joking! Do nice things together, respect each other's space and if something annoys you get it out there in the open. Remember sharing is caring!