-Benjamin May

The team at Barber + Blow, our in-house hairdresser/ barber partners, are nothing short of miracle workers. Head barber Benjamin May gives us the low down on how to master the perfect shave... 


Beards aren’t cool anymore. It’s actually a known fact. At last men are clean shaving again and to be frank, I think this is a wonderful thing.

No longer will men look untidy and unkempt, meandering through life with a mass of wiry hair attached to the front of their face.

Most men who were sporting beards a couple of years ago have now finally seen the light. Our streets were filled with a plague that has now drifted into the distance.

Sadly though for many men now taking a razor to their faces, they aren’t sure how to get a comfortable shave. Often leaving razor burn or growing ingrown hairs. So I’m going to tell you how I think the best way to shave at home to avoid such hazards and keep that skin silky smooth. 

The Products  

For an irritation-free wet shave the products are simple; face scrub, pre shave oil, shave foam or soap, post shave balm and moisturiser. Also a single blade or straight razor is all you need. I can assure you, you do not need 6 blades in one razor. One sharp blade will do a great job and will also be less work on your skin. 6 blades is simply a no no.

If you haven’t yet heard of Cornerstone then check them out. They deliver your blades to your house with a monthly subscription.

For products I personally use a mixture of Prorasso (an old Italian shave brand) and Kiehls. The best cost-effective brand available is Bulldog. These guys offer a great shave at a great price!


The Shave

1. Start with a hot shower. You need to loosen the skin so the hair follicle isn’t pulled at. Whilst showering you need to use your scrub. Work the scrub in a circular motion across the face for 30 – 60 seconds and rinse off.

2. When out of the shower run a sink of hot water and apply the shave oil. This will allow your razor to glide smoothly across your face. Its softens the skin will reduce risk of razor burn.

Apply your shave cream/soap. I use a brush for this as again it softens the skin a little more and massages the face. Very pleasant…

3. When you shave, shave with the grain. Many men will shave against it to get it done quickly, but this only creates irritation and razor burn. It also increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Once you have shaved with the grain, reapply the foam and shave across it. This will give you the closeness of the shave that you desire. This 2-way shave will leave your skin feeling soft and comfortable.


4. Post-shave apply your balm and moisturiser. Don’t apply too much as you need the skin to breathe.

Finally, drink plenty of water. It’s important to make sure you do as it keeps the skin hydrated.


So there you have it. The easy guide to a comfortable shave. Of course, if you are unable to do all of this you’ll find me at 1Rebel St Mary Axe studio where I’ll be happy to show you how. 

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