You know that you're training at the best gym in London when you can sweat hard and then leave looking better than when you arrived thanks to the team at BARBER + BLOW. Launching in our St Mary Axe studio last year, BARBER + BLOW are our official hairdressing partner, providing services around the clock for the #RebelArmy. From men's fades to women's braids, these guys are the best in the business. This week we sat down with Ben and Chris, to get to know the brains behind the concept... 


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How was BARBER + BLOW born?

BEN: BARBER + BLOW was born because Chris and I were looking to set up something interesting and fun. After a few other projects came and went, eventually we were invited to 1Rebel to put together an event. The event went well and Barber + Blow was born. The male and female element works so well in this space. We seem to be ok so far...

CHRIS: We had been looking at different event opportunities and I met the much missed Lewis while working on a different project last year. The space under the stairs wasn't doing much and we thought we could fit in there nicely! So we organised a pop up event in May that proved really popular with the Rebel crowd and the rest is history!

And the question we all want to know, who is the Barber and who is the Blow?

BEN: Haha. Well, by definition I am Barber. I guess by default that makes Chris Blow...? 

CHRIS: Well Ben is most definitely the Barber...I think I'd rather be the '+' than the Blow!

What is your favourite Rebel session?

BEN:                         I love Ride. I've always been into bikes so it's lots of fun for me. Though Rumble is also great. As long as I get to stay away from Reshape then I'm a happy boy!

CHRIS: Reshape is intense and works every bone in your body, but Rumble is great to let off some steam!

How many tattoos do you have?

BEN: I have at least 7. Maybe 8. It's been about 12 years since I individually counted them though so we may be a little far off the mark with that estimate. Go with 15...seems reasonable?

CHRIS: Hmm, lost count! Maybe 15?! Less than Ben anyway!


Where would we find you on the weekend? 

BEN: You used to be able to find me at a squat rave or in a bin. These days I much prefer spending my weekends in a pub watching the football and eating roast dinner. Right now I'm laying in bed waiting for the gym to open....mental! 

CHRIS: The gym or the pub...depending on how the week has been!

What’s your biggest fear in life?

BEN: Spiders. I fucking hate them. Even the little ones. If they jump that's game over. I'm writing this separately to Chris and won't be asking him his answers. I reckon he's scared of the dark. Looks the sort.

CHRIS: Going bald.

What’s your favourite hair product?

BEN: My favourite hair product is not in production anymore. It was called Crude Clay by Sebastian. It was perfect. Second to that is Baxters of California clay. It's a pretty close second I'd say! 

CHRIS: Anything that hides the grey!


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