Launching in our St Mary Axe studio last year, BARBER + BLOW are our official hairdressing partner, providing services around the clock for the #RebelArmy. We're getting up close and personal with the team and this week stylist Dana is in the hot seat...

Danielle joined Barber + Blow in the New Year. Her clipper and scissor work are to be envied and her customer care is so on point it's poetic. So, Dana, how long have you worked at Barber and Blow?


Dana: Since the new year and I'm already becoming a Rebel...


What made you want to join the dream team that is Barber + Blow? 


Dana: The pink neon Barber + Blow sign (I'm a sucker for blink-blink lighting!!!) the whole presentation and vision of Barber + Blow as a concept by renowned barber Benjamin May.


How long have you worked with hair?

For around 2 years now.

What is your favourite current hair trend?

Dana: For the ladies: colour extremes/pushing the normal spectrum of what is expected and what can be achieved.

For the lads: embracing the beard. I'm definitely a fan of men with facial hair, but the current cycle of being widely accepted and expected to extend whole grooming routines to ensure the stubble is not in trouble, is great. I love the impact latest fashion/trend influences have on how men view their appearance and "look" they want to achieve.


What is your least favourite hair trend of all time?

Dana: For the ladies: balayage (not done properly).

For the lads: not a trend so much as a solution...the comb-over.


Who is your celebrity hair crush?

Dana: For the ladies; Jessica Alba from her Dark Angel days.

For the lads; Aaron Taylor Johnson (think Anna Karenina + Savages).


Who (dead or alive) would you most want in your chair?

Too many to name but these two are on the list; James McAvoy (because I would marry him)and James Dean.


Who (dead or alive) would you least want in your barber chair?

Dana: Hitler, Polpot, Mussolini...


What conversation path will you lead us down?

Dana: Cheese plate or sweet dessert...


Where do you find hair inspo?

Dana: Sassoon, @notanothersalon @mm_zgat, @mikeyyyyyyy_, @andrewdoeshair to only name a few!


Describe your perfect day...

Dana: Summertime surrounded with those I love. 

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