It's time to meet the newest recruit to the Rumble team and she's ready to put you through your paces...


Describe your guiltiest pleasure? 

I'm torn between Big Brother, Britney Spears and Love Island.


What made you want to become a Rebel? 

As a fitness professional we are often running around like headless chickens from place to place, class to client etc. With 1Rebel I was attracted to the warm and welcoming spirit. The trainers at 1Rebel don't just motivate class members, they also motivate and support one another. Everyone through the door is part of a bigger picture, a team, an army and I loved that.  


What can the Rebel Army expect from your sessions? 

I care about every single person who steps into my classes and I honour the decision they've made to get there. In return I aim to give high energy, motivation and the odd crap joke or two. I aim to have people sweating but to also find enjoyment in their training. I encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, try going beyond what their brain thinks is possible and leave feeling proud. 

Where would we find you on a Friday night? 

Usually at the airport or in my car travelling to present at a fitness event. 

What is your worst habit?

Not giving myself enough downtime and trying to squeeze a million tasks into a minute. 

Who is your ultimate fantasy/celeb crush? Harry Styles. 

What's your party trick? I can lick my own elbow. 

What is your current soundtrack? Wild Thoughts. 

What is your poison of choice? (Loool I definitely read that as 'position' at first) Prosecco!

Talk us through your naughtiest meal? Hmmm I never use the word naughty when it comes to food but the day after running the London Marathon I remember going to a Diner and having a Oreo milkshake, veggie hot dog and cheesy sweet potato fries. YUM.  

If you aren't in the studio where can we find you and what will you be up to? Partying or presenting at a fitness event somewhere. Having coffee or food with friends, practacing some yoga and mediation or crashed out at home catching up with Love Island #guilty.  


When is your next session? Triple Rumble this Sunday, see you there Rebels. 

Hit up Jess on IG and keep an eye out for her in the 1R studio.