Rebel by day, circus performer by night, Mia our Front of House sensation is now becoming part of the 1R trainer Dream Team, and she's ready to make you SWEAT. Let's meet our most flexible Rebel... 


Tell us about yourself in a nutshell. 

Circus performer turned Rebel, from Melbourne, Australia



What do you do at 1R?

I werk the front of house at St. Mary's axe, checking in all the rebels before sessions.


We heard you've recently passed the trainer auditions- what inspired you to join the 1R Dream Team?

Ever since I did my first Reshape class at 1Rebel I fell in love and knew I needed to get involved.  When Ride auditions came around I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to play some sassy tunes whilst sweating it out with my Rebel huns.


What's your training style?

I always have some energy to burn, so I find it hard to go a day without training, whether it's a Reshape session, going for a run, or hanging upside down working on my aerial skills. As long as there are tunes involved, I'm happy.  

What's one thing we wouldn't know about you?

I went to circus school for 4 years and got a  bachelor degree in swinging about and flipping around. 


What's your guilty pleasure?

Justin Bieber. Not even ashamed. 

When can we hit up your first session?

‪Head to my 3.30pm Ride this Sunday and be ready to SWEAT.


Where would we find you on the weekend?

Usually some sort of workout followed by brunch or a few cheeky drinks.

Got a party trick for us?

Does a straddle jump burpee cut it? I call them 'splat burpees'...

Hit up Mia on IG and keep an eye out for her name on the schedule.