Our Front of House sensation, Nina Shadi, has just become our newest recruit on the Ride team. 

She's not only become part of the 1R trainer Dream Team, but she's also dropped 3 dress sizes and transformed her life. Let's meet Nina...


Tell us about yourself in a nutshell. 

I sing, I dance and I act- most of the time all at once. When not doing that I have been instructing for over 5 years off the back of dropping 3 dress sizes! Woohoo!

What do you do at 1R?

I spent a year with the fabulous 1Rebel Broadgate Huns on Front of House and decided that I needed to get involved in the instructing too!

We heard you've recently joined the Ride team- what inspired you to join the 1R Dream Team?

I've been instructing for over 5 years BUT the instructors at 1Rebel are another level of amazing. It made me super motivated to get on that level! 

I'm really passionate about group exercise which is why 1Rebel holds a special place in my heart. When I was overweight I was terrified of the gym as most people are - I hadn't a clue what to do so the easiest option for me was to jump into a class. I tried absolutely everything and anything and ended up becoming obsessed with group exercise. Not only do you get a great workout but you get support from peers, as well as friendly competition and most importantly it's always more fun to work out in a social environment. After a year and without intent the weight just dropped off and I actually had fun losing the weight. I'm still a curvy girl but a fit healthy curvy girl and no matter what size you are the most important thing is that you are happy in your own skin. Grab a buddy and get to class and reap the rewards!

What's your training style?

Anything that has a great playlist will get me moving! I like to vary my training and classes I do so in a standard week it would include Zumba, Ride, yoga and a lot of brunching... that's exercise right?  

What's one thing we wouldn't know about you?

I dabbled in body burning and fire eating!

What's the last lie you told?

No comment...


What's your guilty pleasure?

Does eating cereal at night time count? If not then I'd have to say the big boy Biebs! 

When can we hit up your first session?

Keep your eyes peeled on the timetable to spot my name! 

Where would we find you on the weekend?

Trying out new and exciting brunch spots! I live for brunch! If you have any recommendations hit me up! 

Hit up Nina on IG and keep an eye out for her name on the schedule. 




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