The first 1R meal offering has landed and we've teamed up with the best in the business. 

Introducing MunchFit.

The team at MunchFit work hard to provide inspired restaurant quality fit meals that accelerate training results and make a genuine impact on energy levels. Using fresh seasonal ingredients, sustainable free-range produce, nutrient-rich superfoods and high-protein sources the meals are the perfect pre or post-session fuel. Only using 100% fresh ingredients that are bought daily and are minimally processed this is the ultimate nutritious offering to complement the Rebel Army training.

We sat down with Angus Fay, the founder of Munch Fit, who is a strong believer that when it comes to achieving your fitness results your nutrition is just as, if not more crucial, than your training...

So, tell us about your lightbulb moment? 

I left the world of Telecoms to follow my passion for fitness and retrained as a PT. A year in and frustrated with the results (or lack of) for one particular client, I asked a friend & talented chef, to produce some quality meals for him. I was sick of clients buying from the usual suspects Pret, EAT, Itsu, so assessed the market and realised there was a major lack of high protein quality fit food available and a big gap in the market.


What makes you different from all the other fitness food offerings out there? 

We provide 'Gourmet' fitness meals, full of flavour and finishing touches rather than boring bland Gym food. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality fitness meals in London. We are committed to running a 100% gluten-free kitchen, which means there’s absolutely no trace of wheat or gluten in any of our dishes. 

We are also committed to providing you with highly bioavailable protein that’s easy to digest which is used by the body to repair and regenerate itself. They also contain a lower-than-average carb content. A large proportion of our carbs are complex, i.e. they take longer to be metabolised into glucose (sugar) by the body, thereby making the meal more filling and less fattening. Our carbs typically come from fresh green, root vegetables and gluten free wholegrains and seeds.

In fact, our recipes have been carefully crafted so that our meals have a low glycaemic load (GL), the value that determines how quickly your body turns a meal into glucose. Low GL meals are ideal for those seeking sustained energy throughout the day whilst achieving and/or keeping their ideal weight.


Whats been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an entrepreneur? 


Apart from the multiple day to day challenges, finding the right people. It takes time to build an amazing team. 


Talk to us about the different categories that you base your recipes around. 


Ok we realised when launching in the retail space we needed to make it easy for gym goers with different goals in mind. Weve split  our meals into three different categories - BURN (for shredding and fat loss) we have lots of our Paleo meals in this category and they are very low carb options. BALANCE (weight management) for those looking for a balanced meal post workout - moderate calories and evenly balanced protein and carbs. BUILD (Muscle gain) for those looking for growth and to build, they are larger meals higher in calories, protein and carbs.


Why should the Rebel Army choose Munch Fit as their post-session Refuel?  


Our meals are the perfect gourmet fitness meal post workout, providing all the goodS to achieve your goals and amazingly not compromising on quality. Try one and see for your self.

MunchFit meals are available to purchase from our St Mary Axe studio and our Front of House team will be able to assist and advise on the best meal category to reach your goals and complement your training regime. Follow MunchFit on Instagram for their latest recipes.