- Why music makes you push harder #RebelBeats


We all know that feeling. That feeling when the beat drops during a session and you feel f**king invincible. The power of music is no secret. Certain tracks trigger certain emotions, alter mood, heightens arousal and increase physical exertion. It’s this ability of a single song to completely change our outlook on a situation that we focus on bringing to our studios and sessions.

Here’s why music plays such a big part in your performance...


‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’


-Maya Angelou




The same track can have a completely different effect on each person. The emotional takeaway from the tempo or lyrics is a very individual experience and can be interpreted in a million different ways. This is why music is such an incredible aspect of our lives; we take and use what we can from each song. Our memories and emotions are often linked to songs, hence our uncontrollable reaction when we hear that track. Each struggle, success and story has it’s own soundtrack that is specific to each and every one of us. Our relationship to a particular tune will be different to someone else's; find your jam and embrace the emotions.



The enhancing physical performance effect of music has been proven to increase work capacity and reduce fatigue. This means we’re able to increase our power, endurance and strength when the right song is played. Research on brain scans have highlighted that music and motor control (the activation and coordination of muscles/limbs) share similar wiring, so the tempo of a soundtrack helps us coordinate those motor skills with more speed. So get some drum and bass on, turn the dial up, and let yourself be lost in the beat.



Research shows that listening to our favorite tunes whilst working out, inspires and motivates us to work harder than we normally would. Our discomfort is also masked allowing us to ignore those messages in our brain telling us to STOP, and instead push even harder. It’s that moment when nothing else matters. That burst of energy, that feeling that you’re unstoppable. Just you, your mind and your body.


Using this power of music for performance is where we come in. Our sessions are designed around curated playlists that play to the intensity of each workout. Kim Ngo, one of our top trainers and in-house DJ, is responsible for taking your workout soundtrack to the next level. WATCH HERE to understand why you push harder in the 1R sessions.


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