Rebels aren't shy of a challenge and Beth Anton is taking on her greatest challenge yet. This October she is travelling all the way to the Himalayas to complete the 12 day trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest. Her training regime has been rigorous and challenging, but with plenty of Reshapes behind her, Beth is both physically and mentally prepared for the ascent...      





1. So, tell us about the challenge that you’re taking on?

In a few days I'll be starting a 12 day high-altitude trek in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp, the spot where serious mountaineers start their ascent of the worlds highest mountain! This is actually the beginning of an 'active' 3 month backpacking trip around Asia where I'll be cycling and paddleboarding in Myanmar, running a 10K race around Angkor Wat in Cambodia and learning to surf for a week in Sri Lanka! I set myself a goal in 2015 to lose some weight, to let this active person inside me out, and after losing over 7 stone I'm rewarding myself with this trip, making the most of what my body can now do! 


2. What made you decide to trek to Everest Base Camp?

I knew I wanted to do some kind of challenge at the end of this year and after watching the Everest movie (and deciding I wasn't quite prepared to climb the whole way up) I decided on trekking through the stunning Himalayas to Base Camp! 


3. What has your training regime been like? 

I've tried to keep training 3-5 times a week, almost every week, this year to keep the fitness up. It's been tough to fit in sometimes but with classes starting at 6am I can always seem to squeeze a session or two around my schedule (even if it means a very early alarm and an espresso required!). I also started running to work which has not only helped me pack in some exercise but let me avoid the sticky summer tube crush. I've tried to keep my eating habits healthy (most of the time) to get even more out of all the exercise but I often work crazy hours with my job in TV so places like Protein Haus have been a lifesaver with their ready prepped healthy and tasty meals and snacks. 


4. What do you think is going to be the hardest part of the trek?

I think the trek is going to get hard as we reach those high altitudes, the hike ends up over 5000m above sea level where every step becomes a challenge with the thin air and lower oxygen levels....I think it's going to be tough both physically and mentally to get through but I'm determined to keep going as long as I don't get affected by AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness which can affect anyone when you get over 3000m above sea level!)


5. How has 1Rebel helped you get fit and prepared for the challenge?

Before the start of this year I'd never been to a gym class in my life so I decided to change that with a 1Rebel Rumble back in January and haven't looked back! Along with some running and a few half marathons, the sessions at 1Rebel have increased my fitness and strength by miles. I've been a regular at Tiago's 7:15 Reshape where his crazy energy in each class has helped me push it and increase baseline fitness with all the hill runs and sprints along with getting me stronger all round! I decided to take on the Rat Race 10K Obstacle Course Race in August to give myself a Summer goal and joined 'Team Melissa' where I discovered her awesome lower body Reshapes! I knew I needed to get my legs and core stronger for trekking and those classes have definitely whipped my ass into shape! After a slight setback with a strained calf in September I found out how much fun Ride classes were (I've now been partial to the odd double 7am & 8am Ride I find them that fun!) and I know those sessions have helped make my legs even stronger, something I'll definitely need on the trek! 1Rebel has not only increased my fitness but has helped me push my body to places it hasn't been before. Melissa's Rides where she challenges you to make it feel disgusting and not give in until it's done have taught me to not give up when things get hard, something I'll need to remember when the going gets tough at 5000m!! 


6. What advice would you give to other Rebels who are looking to take on a challenge but scared to take the plunge? 

I'd say to anyone who's thinking about doing something like this to just dive in, if you really want to do something you'll make it work no matter what! Identify a goal and do everything in your power to get there! It does feel a little scary heading off to Nepal on my own to take on a challenge like nothing I've ever done before but if you don't try things you'll never know! Life is short so don't live in regret, just book those flights, sign up for that challenge, enjoy it!