Front of House favourite George is on her way to Edinburgh Fringe with her shows, 'Mine' and 'Stiff Dicky'. She shares her journey with us.

For the Rebels who know me, they’ll know I love a drama (and cackling at my own dirty jokes). After graduating from Guildford School of Drama, it felt only natural to start writing my own plays. Two years later and a whole lot of rubbished drafts, I had two plays and my own theatre company - JunkBox. We put both plays on last year to sold out audiences - I still to this day have no idea how that happened, they must have all been pissed. We got bloody marvellous reviews for both plays, and decided we’d hit Edinburgh Fringe this year and see what our chances are. We then crowdfunded for some of the costs of going up there, and some of you beauties helped out. To those who contributed, I still can’t thank you enough, you’re all superstars in my eyes. The crowdfunder was such a success we ended up getting sponsored by a condom company for silly merchandise. I actually had 1500 condoms sent to my house when I wasn’t in, they then got delivered to my next door neighbour who I’d never met. Our first conversation was over two huge boxes, etched with “ribbed for your pleasure”...

Fast forward to now, and we’re putting those shows on in London before we head up there. Next week, we’ll be performing both Mine and Stiff Dicky (yup, that’s what it’s called - you can draw your own conclusions about what goes on in my mind) at our pop up theatre in Turnham Green. A pop up theatre, I hear you say, what the devil is that? Well. A pop up theatre, is our fancy arse way of saying we’ve taken over a studio, put up some fairy lights (and some proper lights too!) and started putting on plays. We recently had a show there starring some of your favourite 1Rebel Front of House huns and it went down a STORM. Anyway, I digress. 

Tell you more about the shows? Ok, I will…


A horny meeting on Tinder, an engagement for the perfect couple, a young gay man being turned down for adoption and turning to his best friend for help .Three couples at very different stages of their relationships, apart from one thing. They’re all pregnant. The couples struggles to hold on to the things that made their relationships unique. Cheating, drinking, over-eating Nutella - you never know how you’ll react when a baby comes on the scene.

Stiff Dicky

Bella is a girl who likes to have fun. The only problem is, she can’t remember the night before and there’s a dead man in her bed sporting a massive erection. She’d get her housemate to help, but she’s in bed with a french guy who doesn’t speak a word of English.


Listen, put it like this. Next week, EVERYTHING will be about the election. Instead of spending the evening worrying whether things are going to go your way, why not spend the evening watching me make an absolute dick out of myself? Then you can all laugh at me when you come to class the next day. There’s gonna be 1Rebel beauties watching, and quite a few regs have already got their tickets. You might bump into that hottie that you make eyes at when you’re changing over your weights. Yes, I went there. I have no shame. 


8PM. 6th-11th June. It’ll be a laugh, trust me. 





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