Swingers takes crazy golf, street food, amazing drinks and combines them all into one incredible social experience. With two bespoke nine-hole crazy golf courses and five cocktail drenched bars, this is the perfect after work hangout to put your colleagues and boss to the test. Three of London’s best street-food vendors are in the mixer, along with nightly DJ's. Everything you need under one roof. 


What to expect:

Expect to get boozy and embarrass yourself. It's no place for Tiger Woods wannabes and the chances are you'll find yourself dancing around the golf course while the DJ plays his latest tunes and your caddy takes your cocktail order.


When to head there: 

After work with your team for some pre-game cocktails and street food. This place gets busy in the evening so be sure to get there early. 


What to wear:

Being based in the city means that a lot of suits make an appearance, however you won't feel out of place if you rock up in casual attire. Why not go all out and sport your golfing outfit...


How to get there:

It's round the back of the Gherkin (nearest station: Liverpool St.). Head towards the Boris Bike docking station and you can't miss it.







Rosie's verdict:

As a complete beginner to crazy golf, I was a little apprehensive about making a total fool of myself in front of my colleagues when Swingers was chosen as the location for our Head Office outing. Fortunately, Swingers seems to have been designed with this in mind, with bars dispersed throughout the venue to provide some Dutch courage before you take to the course. A few gins in and I scored a hole in one (perhaps more beginners’ luck than real skill) – and from that point on there was no stopping me. Now that I have a title to defend, I’m accepting challenges for the next round – given that it’s on 1Rebel’s doorstep, I’d be up for a post-session outing, if any Rebels think they’re up to it…?

Esmee's verdict:

More than anything I love the vibe in swingers. It's so different to any other team outing. It's better than going to a restaurant or bar, it's much more sociable and the cocktails on tap are incredible. 9 holes of crazy golf, 4 mojitos and a patty & bun to end... WINNER. 

Check out Swingers.

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