How well do you know the 1R dream team? We’re putting you to the test.

Known for her effortless style of sports lux with a shoreditch edge, this week's Rebel Uncovered is professional dancer, actress, yoga and fitness fanatic, IDA MAY. 

Moleskine Diary - I'd be lost without this. Would have no clue where, when and what time am needed. Love having pen and paper to write my thought into as well. 

Adidas Stop Watch - it's all about the timing.

Alexander Wang Bag - busy days with million meetings and sessions you need a good bag to ride  on your bike through London. 

Bobbi Brown makeup - My favourite make up brand. Products that feel good on your skin and make you feel #prettypowerful

Lululemon Yoga Matt - slick stylish and black. great grip and keeps my asanas in place

Adidas Pure Boost - love being fuelled by this boost of energy! they're light, cushioned w/ great ground-feel.  great trainer for teaching reshape and kicking n beating the bags in rumble. 

ACF Leather Jacket - any day anytime. always with the bros. 'Avec Ces Freres' . Love my little brothers. and my friends brand: 'Art Comes First'. You can never go wrong with a black leather jacket.

Charli Cohen top - we first met at LFW and then 1Rebel bought us together. Love the super heroine feel on this piece and the eye catching straps. 

Calvin Klein top - super comfortable, i live in my sportswear and love how different brands are going more sport wight their range.

Aesop face spray - when you need that little freshen up. love the brand the feel and the look of it.

Comme des Garcon Serpentine EDT - all you need is a good perfume and you ready to go rock the world. Bespoke, unisex unconventional CDG perfumes. This Serpentine one symbolising the nature in the city. 

Urban Ears Wireless Headphones - music is my life. feel the beat and go for it. love the wirelessness, less cords lets strings attached. 

Doisy & Dam chocolate - superfood chocolate. makes me feel like a superwoman. can't go a day without.