One of our newest aditions to the Rebel instructor team is Danny Gates. And he has recently had his own addition to the family, with the birth of his new baby boy, Archie. A huge congrats to Danny for being the first Rebel Daddy. 


Now that Danny has some serious responsibilities, (other than putting the Rebel Army through their paces in the Reshape room) we thought that it was about time that we put him through a grilling and see how he's juggling being a Rebel and a father. 

So Danny, how did you end up at 1Rebel? 


I had heard the rumours as friends had been down so decided to join them one morning and was completely hooked . I immediately went online found the email address and sent an enquiry asking if any positions were available !! Following week I was in and passed initial assessment and it all started from there ! 


What do you feel is the biggest achievement, becoming a father or joining the Rebel Team…(hard one, we know)... 


becoming part of the 1Rebel team was a big achievement and I am very lucky to work with such a great set of people , but there is no feeling like becoming a dad , it was the happiest day of my life . 


What’s more difficult, getting up at 5am to teach Reshape or comforting Archie’s wailing? 


Getting up at 5am on any day is not something I would recommend to everyone however when it is to put the rebel army through their paces in Reshape they give you the energy you need by turning up and smashing a session , and as for Archie wailing that is my sign that he is now awake and my queue that I can go and play with him. 


How many nappies do you think you could change in a minute? Would this beat your number or burpees…? 


I've actually turned into a pro on changing nappies after my wife gave me a master class at 3am one morning and this would definitely come close to the number of burpees in a minute! 


We’re recruiting for the 2030 Rumble squad, do you think Archie's got what it takes? 


I'm not sure he will be available for that as I already have him booked in for trials at Arsenal Football Club that year but if he can do both then sure we can get him in! 


That’s a really cute baby...mother’s genes? 


Haha, yeah definitely has his mums good looks mixed with a bit of my skin colour and hopefully he will have a mixture of our personalities , only worrying point is what his accent will be as I'm a born bred Londoner & the wife is from Northern Ireland ! 


Word on the street is that you’ve turned soft now that you’re a father…are you still a Rebel at heart? 


Soft ? Me ? Well maybe when at home and taking endless amounts of pictures and videos of my boy but the minute I walk through the doors of 1Rebel game face comes on and that inner rebel comes out to play !! 


When you’re not playing Daddy, when can we jump into one of your sessions? 


You'll find me every Saturday at 12:15 at SMA quickly followed by 1:30pm at Broadgate for 60 min reshape ( yep that's right , 60 min of madness ) . Also look out for me soon in Rumble ..... 

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