She rebelled against the nation, turned down a 40k banking job, to teach yoga and become a Rebel. It's about time you met Rosie... 

Until I left university, I was the least ‘Rebel’ person imaginable. I was a nerd: my most frequent hangout was the library. I behaved: I didn’t have any drunken escapades (or at least none that are on record…). And I complied: I applied for an internship at an investment bank, and it led to a job offer. I accepted, because that was the done thing and I’d be a fool not to, everyone said.


But something didn’t feel quite right. I was creative, outgoing, sporty, and the prospect of an office job involving long hours spent at a desk faced with spreadsheets and numbers didn’t exactly entice me.


I spent a long time agonising over my future. On the one hand, there was the prospect of financial security and a clear career path. On the other hand, there was the chance to pursue the things I loved, if I could tolerate a bit of uncertainty.


My friends and family told me I was mad. I even caused a stir in the national and international 

press. But turning down my job in finance to work in fitness was the best decision I’ve ever made.


In my role as Director of Sales at 1Rebel, I still work with several customers who would have otherwise been my colleagues. Observing fitness play an increasingly important role in the lives of people who work in the City gives me huge gratification. Individuals and companies are realising that they need to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing in order to achieve peak performance in their areas of work. Being able to facilitate this through sales of individual and corporate packages, and organisation of group bookings and events, is an incredible feeling. In what other job can you give someone full licence to beat up their boss in a Rumble session?


So I suppose I am a Rebel after all, having defied social expectations to enlist myself as the latest member of the Rebel Army, and swapping the networking for sweatworking. And I haven’t looked back since.

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