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Rebels Revealed is the story of our customers.

Every Rebel has a different reason for pushing themselves to their limit. We want to understand why you turn up to sessions; your drivers, your motivation. And how the experience, the atmosphere and the community has changed your life.



Jamie is one of our originals. Currently an Analyst based in Westminster and hitting up to five sessions a week, he’s a force to be reckoned with. After returning to London and trying a few London fitness spaces, he joined the #RebelArmy shortly after the opening of our first studio in St Mary Axe, and was converted from day 1.  



My first session was Ride back in 2015. And that was it. I was reeled in. I had to have more. St Mary Axe had just opened, Reshape classes quickly became a regular thing, and once Broadgate was up and running Rumble was swiftly added to my training mix. The sessions were incredible and like no other gym I had experienced in London. It was instantly a much-needed addition to my everyday life.


"1Rebel is more to me than just a gym. It’s the people."

But it’s not just about the sessions. You can get fit anywhere. 1Rebel is more to me than just a gym. It’s the people. I had recently moved back to London and didn’t know many people living here. Being surrounded by nine million people can actually be a lonely place. 1Rebel changed that. After only a few sessions the staff knew me by name. Someone would always stop to take time and speak to me. As I started coming more I began to recognise other members and speaking with them too. It’s that personable touch and community aspect that left me wanting to come back every day. As time went on my routine started to sync up with others and as we became more familiar with each other and spoke more, we agreed that making our fitness experience a social one too could only be even more enjoyable. It wasn’t long before we created a WhatsApp group ('Gym Squad') and the rest is history.


We now brunch on weekends, go on nights out and have been on holiday together, with a class and the odd 200 messages each day in between. What started off with six of us is now growing into a community within a bigger community (the Rebel Army). And it’s not even just fellow members, but we’re friends with the trainers who also get involved, be it eating, drinking (Prosecco Friday is a favourite), training, or just hanging out.


It’s a community like no other. There are times when I don’t feel like heading to a session, but am quickly reminded that I have this group expecting, wanting, me to be there. A ‘family’ that provides motivation when I need it, making that Reshape incline-treadmill round almost bearable. When we’re in the studio together, we experience it together; sharing every lift, every sprint and every breathless moment. 1Rebel has allowed me to surround myself with people that GET it. The people that understand why I want to get out of bed at 5:15am to hit a session, or go on a Sunday morning after a big Saturday night (and then have a boozy brunch afterwards…) - we all have that same shared desire to train hard, but have fun with it too.

"To go somewhere completely new and feel like it’s home is pretty rare."


Every time I enter the doors of the now four different studios, the workout is different, but the experience is the same. To go somewhere completely new and feel like it’s home is pretty rare. And when it’s no longer new, it’s the familiarity that brings me back. On those occasions when I’m having a bad day, if work has annoyed me, I’m having some personal issues, or I just want to beat the hell out of a bag, I can get that release at 1Rebel that will change my whole day. That's pretty powerful. And chances are I’ll be doing it alongside a person I met in one of those studios, but is now a friend for life.


If you’re reading this wondering whether you should try your first session, stop doubting. Don’t question it. Come with an open mind and a smile, and you’ll walk away with a sweaty workout in the bag, and maybe even a new workout buddy too.

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