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Rebels Revealed is the story of our customers.

Every Rebel has a different reason for pushing themselves to their limit. We want to understand why you turn up to sessions; your drivers, your motivation. And how the experience, the atmosphere and the community has changed your life.



Shelly Ribbons, a Share Plan Mangager for an Asset Management company joined the #RebelArmy feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in her own skin. A committed and dedicated training programme of 4 Reshape’s per week has resulted in Shelly losing over 4 stone and rediscovering her confidence whilst changing her approach to exercise both physically and mentally.   



In April 2016 I decided that enough was enough. I was feeling big, uncomfortable and highly unhealthy. I love my food so needed to find a way of shifting weight without giving up what I love- carbs and fizz. I was a member of a gym and went every day, however I was finding the classes boring and I wasn’t seeing any results. A friend suggested we try a Rumble class at 1Rebel and after one session I was hooked. I then started to go to Rumble sessions twice a week, not just for the calorie burn, but to also take out my aggression on the punch bag- something that still gives me a much needed stress release!


I wanted to try Reshape, but felt very self-conscious as I am not a natural runner and super unfit compared to everyone else. After finally plucking up the courage my first session was incredible; I sweated like I have never sweated before and started adding Reshapes into my training schedule. The friend who hit up the sessions with me ended up moving out of London. Usually I would have given up, as I struggle with motivation to workout alone. But the relentless encouragement from the Rebel trainers and the results I was seeing spurred me on to continue pushing myself in every session. Before I knew it, I cancelled my gym membership and signed up to become a full time Rebel.

"I now wear things that I never imagined I would have the confidence to wear in public."


Since attending my first 1Rebel session, a number of things have happened; I have lost over 4 stone (with the help of a good diet) and gone from a size UK18 to a UK12. I have so much more energy and my confidence has soared. I have completely changed the way in which I dress. Gone are the big frumpy dresses. I now wear things that I never imagined I would have the confidence to wear in public. I even purchased a pair of short denim shorts for my holiday last year. I feel proud that I can finally wear something that I have envied others being able to wear. It’s hard to describe the sense of achievement that this small victory gives me. 


"I’m smashing personal bests that I never thought were possible..."

It’s not just been about the weight loss. Finding exercise that I love has meant I’m smashing personal bests that I never thought were possible. From being terrified of running, to hitting speeds of 20kph with an incline is an achievement that I’m truly proud of. Group fitness has worked so well for me because you’re surrounded by like-minded people and gives you that extra determination to work to your maximum for that 45 minutes. The energy in the room is infectious.



To those of you who are scared or apprehensive to attend your first session, all I can say is trust the process and push yourself outside of your comfort zone because you will not look back. The 1Rebel trainers are incredible and understand that not everyone’s fitness levels are the same. The constant support to increase that treadmill speed, lift that heavier weight or fight that little harder, is something that you will struggle to find elsewhere in London.



Weight loss, increased confidence and a new found mental and physical strength which I never believed I would discover, has been life changing.


I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin.

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