How to smash those resolutions & put you on the path towards your full potential.

We want you to visualise yourself on January 1st 2020. Your current ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality probably involves you smashing those resolutions, be it being 5 kilos lighter, running a marathon or eating absolutely no sugar. Whatever it is, right here, right now, you have decided this is your year. However, we can’t help but think this is exactly what you had planned for 2018. 




By February 66% of resolution-makers had abandoned their goals.

Bupa and ComRes surveyed around 2,000 British adults last year and the top three most popular resolutions were to lose weight, get fitter and eat more healthily. But, by February 66% of resolution-makers had abandoned their goals. That number grew to 86% by the end of March. So lets ask ourselves, year after year, why this is happening and why we can’t stick to something WE have chosen to set. 

Is this because we expect far too much of ourselves too soon? Between the 31st of December and the 1st of January, we go from 0% to 100% and take on the ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. We automatically consider ourselves a failure if we do not fully commit. It has to be all or nothing. 


"Committing to something 100% for 365 days is almost impossible, not human."


This mentality is the reason so many people do not make it past February. Committing to something 100% for 365 days is almost impossible, not human and for the majority of people, we are setting ourselves up for failure. This can leave us with feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem, making us often feel worse than when we set the resolution. Something we never asked for on New Years Day.


But Rebels, this isn’t you, we know you’ve got what it takes to be that person you are visualising. And we want to help. It’s time to change that mindset and routine so you’re not reliving this moment next New Year. So here’s what to do: 


100% is not where you begin, but something you strive towards once you feel it is sustainable.

1. Write down where you see yourself by the end of the year

This might be completing a marathon, going to the gym consistently or cutting out meat. This is the ultimate goal. 


2. Break down what needs to be done to get there

Month by month start setting yourself small goals but still giving it everything you’ve got. Start at the beginning, progressing in time. 

​​E.g. month 1: go to the gym once a week. This will soon feel achievable and stepping into next month will feel exciting. You are in control, so set the bar at a level that you are always winning.

3. End each day positively

List 3 things that you have achieved that day, however big or small. Any feelings of failure will turn into your own success.

4. Get the support you need

At any point you feel lost and need a point in the right direction, our Rebel trainers are always willing to help.


Hitting realistic goals will make you feel good. It will put you on the path towards your full potential and no longer will this change feel like a chore. This is the year to be part of that 14% that make it past March. This is the year to make that visualisation a reality. No excuses necessary. 

"This is the year to make that visualisation a reality.

We say get up and Just Move"



So here at 1Rebel, we are telling you that those unachievable resolutions can be achieved. But it’s time to concentrate on being a little bit more human. We say get up and Just Move. Just dance, just run, sing, stretch, write or draw. Whatever it is you want to do, take one step at a time and, Just Move.

This is the origin story of a Rebel. The Rebel is you.

Watch Just Move here