It's that time of year when Londoners have started to take to the streets and get in training mode for the London Marathon. The 10 week countdown is upon us and we know that lots of you Rebels have been training hard, in and out of the studios, in preperation for the race.

Our Head of Brand Comms Talilla Henchoz has commited to the challenge and tells us more about her cause and the top tips from her training regime...


I'm a sucker for a fitness challenge and the London Marathon is something that has always been on the bucket list, so when the Heads Together team gave me the chance to team up with them and raise money for such an incredible cause, it was a no brainer.  

Long distance isn't really my thing. I like fast, high-intensity, get-it-done-quick workouts. My love for HIIT training means that my cardiovascular fitness is pretty good, but it's just the idea of running for nearly 4 hours continuously that sends my head spinning. For me, mastering the mental strength required for marathon training has been the real challenge, along with getting the correct balance of work and rest (which I'm not so good at...). 

The Heads Together campaign works to end stigma around mental health change the national conversation on mental wellbeing

The Mix, a service within The Heads Together campaign spearheaded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.
The Mix aims to change the national conversation on mental wellbeing and is designed to support the physical and mental wellbeing of young people under 25 across the UK whatever their issue through the technology of their choice. Whether it's a family crisis, depression or homelessness, The Mix is there to provide 24/7 support.

This support is something that I believe is so integral in a day and age where young people experience so much pressure to succeed and perform in a digitally advanced world. 

You can check out my page here.


Training has been a long and gruelling process and I know that lots of you Rebels have been working hard to get ready for this Sunday. Here much  are 10 things I've learnt whilst trying to train for a marathon on a tight schedule of teaching, filming and juggling two lives across two continents the past couple months.


1. Don't skimp on strength- all that ass-blasting has paid off- I run for longer with less niggles and feel far stronger. Also, slightly bigger butt #win. 

2. Hydrate. A lot. And don't run hungover. Even if you can. 

3. Running is easier and less painful if you make friends with that bitch the foamroller and a lacrosse ball. Go on a stretch date with them before the run.

4. Speed and Hill training becomes actual fun compared to the long runs.

5. Sleep. Recovery is not my strong point, and this has been a steep learning curve. Good recovery= better performance.

6. A damn good playlist. Then pretend you're in a movie and dramatic things are happening. That's why you're running. In the damn rain. On a Sunday morning.

7. Good running shoes & good carbs= win

8. A lot of sexy people run along the canals. Fact. Most of them don't get lost like me though. 

9. Don't overdo it. Just don't. The big one for me- start slower than you want to! Slow and steady.

10. Mind over matter. That's all it comes down to."


If any of you have any last minute words of wisdom- tweet or insta me @amidunneit. Wish me luck and see you on the start line Rebels!