Rebels burn HARD everday. Meaning that serious refuelling is required. 

Sammy Kelly, 1R trainer, also a part-time actress is constantly on the go and relies on a high protein diet to keep herself energised throughout the week. 

Check out her week in food for some seriously good recipe inspo: 


Breakfast- Porridge is my go to breakfast most mornings. It may seem simple but it's quick, easy and always sets me up for a busy day! I have it with almond milk, tea spoon of cashew butter, flax seed and date syrup. 

Lunch- This is always my lunch on the go! Make it in the morning, wrap it in foil and pop it in your bag. Toasted rye bread sandwich with hummus, tomatoes and avocado. I add bacon if i want to make it extra tasty!!! 

Snacks- I make a big batch of Deliciously Ella protein balls and have them all week! Great for a  quick boost of energy!  

Dinner- I'm always working in evenings, so Im never usually at home so I like to make a big batch of something and have it for a few nights. I love knowing what's in my food and enjoy looking after my body well, so this homemade bolognese with courgette spaghetti is the one!!! And bolognese always tastes better a few days later ;)


 Breakfast- It's another busy day so today I go for porridge again! Changing it up slightly using coconut milk, banana, cashew butter, raisons and strawberries. 

Lunch- I LOVE sausages, but I try and save them for my fry-up at the weekend so mid week I will have veggie sausages with scrambled egg on Rye Bread!  

Snack- Banana with cashew butter!

Dinner- This is a great healthy dinner that again you can make a big batch of to keep you going through the week. It's a Deliciously Ella recipe which is carrot, lentil and raison salad and I add extra chicken for extra protein! Trust me, this is so tasty!


Breakfast- If I'm up super early this a great option! Make it the night before, keep it in the fridge and eat it on the way to work. Overnight oats, with almond milk, banana, raisons, chia seeds and cinnamon. 

Lunch- I usually have this if I've just worked out at 1Rebel. Great for Re-fuelling! Scrambled egg, Avocado with Marmite on Rye Bread. 

Snacks- I'm slightly obsessed with Pip&Nut Almond Butter :) I have it on slices of apple to keep my sugar cravings down! 

Dinner- I try and eat as clean as possible in the week, so this is a great quick and easy dinner to stay on track! Sweet potato fries with tuna, salad and hummus. 


Breakfast- Thursdays are usually my morning off so I take my time and have a lovely breakfast of smoked salmon, poached eggs, spinach and tomatoes. Great start to the day :)   

Lunch- After a nice big breakfast I'm not usually that hungry for lunch so I grab a quick soup and a roll on the go. Pea and ham being a firm  favourite :)

Snack- 85% dark chocolate! 

Dinner- I don't always have time to prepare food for evenings, so if I'm in a hurry I will always pop into Siam in covent garden for a super tasty green chicken curry with brown rice! I would literally eat here every day if I could!  


Breakfast- Its nearly the weekend so that means I can treat myself to banana pancakes! They are so simple to make! 2 eggs, 1 banana, a drop of vanilla essence, mix it all together and fry them in some coconut oil! I always have them with blueberries, yoghurt and honey. 

Lunch- A quick salad from Tossed to keep me going. Chipotle is my favourite!  With chicken and falafel! 

Dinner- One of my favourite dinners, packed with lots of lovely filling ingredients. Chicken, sweet potato, tinned tomatoes, kidney beans, lentils, carrots and spices. 

Snacks- Hemsley & Hemsley Paradise bars! I make a batch of about 12 and then freeze them. It's like a healthy bounty chocolate bar ;) They are so good it's hard just to have just 1, or 2, or 3!!!!  

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