From feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable in her own skin, Shelly Ribbons has lost 3 stone and now destroys 4 Reshapes per week. Shelly shares how 1Rebel helped her change her approach to exercise both physically and mentally. Over to Shelly... 

In April last year I decided that enough was enough. I was feeling big, uncomfortable and highly unhealthy. I love my food so needed to find a way of shifting weight without giving up what I love; carbs and fizz! 


I joined Slimming World and started to lose weight by food optimising. Who wouldn’t love an eating plan that involves all the carbs and a couple of glasses of the fizzy stuff while losing weight.


I was a member of a gym and went most mornings however I was finding the classes a little boring and not too stretching. I was ending up just plodding along on the gym machines without really making much progress. A friend suggested we try a Rumble class at 1Rebel, I thought “why not”. After that one session I was hook(ed)(excuse the Rumble pun)


I started to go to a Rumble session twice a week and loved it. Not only are you burning those calories, but you can take out the day's aggression on the punch bag. Winner!


I wanted to try the Reshape class, but was very self-conscious as I am not a runner (I completed the marathon in 2013 but was overtaken by a man in 3 inch heels) and thought that everyone in the class would be super fit. I finally plucked up the courage to go to my first class and dragged my good friend Rach along for the ride. My first class was with Kelly, it was hard and I sweated like I have never sweated before, but after I felt great (even though I was walking like a new born giraffe). Rach loved it just as much so we started coming to Reshape a couple of times a week too.


Unfortunately Rach’s job moved to outside of London. I normally would have given up but I made myself go to the classes on my own. After a couple of months I realised that I was using my gym less and less and 1Rebel more and more. Time to cancel the gym membership and sign up to be a full time 1Rebel member.


I now attend 4 Reshape classes a week and add Ride and Rumble classes to the mix when I can. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed exercising so much. 1Rebel trainers are just the best; pushing you the right amount and giving you encouragement. I never thought that I would be able to run at a speed of 16kph, so thanks for pushing me that little bit extra Robyn.


I have now lost 3 stone by following the Slimming World eating plan and going to the classes at 1Rebel. The Reshape classes have seriously reshaped my body. I now have a waist! I can see a real change compared to what I was over a year ago and others have now started to comment on it too. 


Thank you 1Rebel, your classes have truly helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Shelly, do you have any advice for people out there who are too nervous to take their first session and join the Rebel Army? 

To those of you who are scared about going along to a class would be, just do it The trainers are amazing and understand that not everyones fitness levels are the same. Giving options for beginners puts you at ease during the first few sessions. Signing up to 1Rebel is seriously one of the best decisions that I have made.



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