-Sweat Hard, Get Laid.

How to increase your chance of hooking up at the gym.


Most of us head straight to the shower to rinse off that post-session sweat, but, as it turns out, your natural aroma could be a serious turn-on. Our body odor is a manifestation of our immune system, and scents that we find attractive come from those around us who we are most genetically compatible to. It’s time to turn the heat up and get SWEATY.


Stripping it back to basics, in the animal kingdom pheromones fly all over the place and are the scent signals that evoke specific behaviors, one of which is sexual arousal. Whether or not they occur in humans is still under debate with considerable evidence to suggest that they do. These chemical molecules are aimed at the opposite sex and have the power to influence how they respond to each other. Pheromones are more influential in some animals than others, helping to attract them towards evolutionary compatible partners, but either way, as humans, our natural scent has a part to play in our subconscious attraction towards each other. Quite literally, animal attraction ;)

'when women get a sniff of male sweat there’s an increase in their heartbeat and sexual arousal levels'



Yep that’s right, don’t be scared to sweat.

Studies have shown that when women get a sniff of male sweat there’s an increase in their heartbeat and sexual arousal levels. Andrastadienone, the chemical compound and additive in perfumes/ aftershave is also present in male sweat and changes mood, sexual arousal and brain activation in women. All we’re saying - maybe lose the overpriced Hugo Boss and hit up a sweaty workout instead.  



But, let’s be clear, not all pheromones are created equal. The male pheromone androstenone, is the scent produced by fresh male sweat (and attractive to females). This is not to be confused with androstanol which is produced when male sweat is exposed to oxygen. This is the stuff that clears a room. So to put it bluntly, when you leave your sweat for a period of time after exercising, you’re not going to be getting anyone’s number.


But men, beware. Believing that your sweaty BO scent is a macho aphrodisiac, making all women weak at the knees, you need to stop kidding yourself. Unless you’re showering multiple times a day to remove any oxidised sweat, you’ve got to keep tabs on that sweat game.



When it comes to romance, there’s a growing trend that suggests you should dive in nose-first. Pheromone parties, matching people based on their smell preferences (social network SmellSpace), and hook-ups based on people that have similar smelling t-shirts, are all a thing.


'masking our natural odors may actually be hurting our game'

We don’t know exactly what causes chemistry between two people. But when it’s there, it’s THERE. We don’t give much thought to scent in seduction beyond our use of perfume or cologne, and masking our natural odors may actually be hurting our game.


To all the guys out there, try wearing a more ‘musky’ scent (which is said to attract women similar to natural sweat). Alcohol + aluminum-free are also much better for your body, try Malin + Gomez, a eucalyptus and citronellyl neutralize odor.


So consider this: lust, romance and relationships are all the results of chemical reactions in the body and if you want to try out your luck with some scent chemistry, here are a few pointers...


  1. Next time you’re headed into a workout don’t panic if you forget to lace on the deodorant, it might just work in your favour.

  2. Sweat hard, but remember to embrace this natural scent for a short period only, before that sweat turns BAD.

  3. Opt for a neutralised odor to start complimenting your natural scent.

  4. It’s all a confidence game. If you believe that wearing a certain scent will make you more attractive to someone, your behaviour will change. You might become more flirty, confident, which in turn will increase your attractiveness towards others. OWN that natural scent.

  5. Keep your nose to the ground, your next romance could be a quick sniff away.


It’s time to end the stigma of sweat being seen as something to be ashamed of and to be embarrassed by. Know that sweat and scent is integral to the chase. Sweat hard, embrace those dreaded wet patches and it might be more than just gainz you leave with.

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