It’s no secret that 1Rebel trainers are great at what they do – working us into a sweat and giving us DOMs to remember. So when I was looking for some of the most inspiring instructors in London to help with a new project, I knew where to come.


Last summer I founded The Hard Yard. We train and employ ex-offenders to become fitness instructors. 1Rebel have had a few of our trainees along to workouts to support our important work.


Fitness plays a big part in prison life. Many people leave prison in peak physical condition and gain fitness qualifications on the inside. What’s more, they’ve often devised ingenious training regimes; banged up for hours in a small cell with no equipment, they’ve learnt to train relying solely on the power of their own bodyweight and a focussed mind.


However, it’s much harder to find a job if you have a criminal record. We support our trainees to bring their ‘prison workouts’ to London because we believe mistakes in the past shouldn’t stop them becoming great trainers in the future.


It’s been great to have 1Rebel’s support in making sure our trainees can learn from some of the best instructors in London.


One thing they’ve mentioned is the characters of the 1Rebel team – all unique, bringing their own style and take to every workout. It’s something they’re keen to emulate in their own training.

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