1. So tell us a bit more about the Toughest Race

Toughest is a 8km, 40 Obstacle Race which originates in Sweden. It has a reputation for being one of the most intense OCR's due to the fact it has less running and more obstacles. The obstacles were everything from wading through mud, swimming over freezing rivers, scaling walls to monkey bars. 


2. How did you train for race?

Its been a really hectic 6 months, so I didn't do sport specific training for this; I obviously lead a very active lifestyle but I did do reshape classes 3x a week; a mixture of standard sessions but also some double floor to increase my strength. I was worried that I would struggle because I didn't do any hanging work but actually I felt amazing running it. 


3. Who was in your team? 

I ran Toughest, as Founder of my passion project FEMPOWER UK. The project aims to break body image barriers through sport and fitness. A few 1Rebel members joined me, and a few of my team ended up training here too. Shout outs to Finola, Salina, Sabrina, Sophie, Toral, Tanya, Christina, Eleonora, Fab G, Fab C, Annalisa, Laura, Katie, Liina, Gaby and 1R Trainers Zoe and Alice...oh and honorary member/ photographer, Jamal! 


4. What was the hardest part of the race? 

The hardest part was most definitely the cold at the end. All the obstacles were a challenge but we had two rules; try everything once and get each other through it, so we attacked everything head on and kept smiling even when it was harrowing! The highlight for me was swimming over the river. It was walkable, but I'm teeny so it was neck deep and cold I have never experienced before! Walking was too slow, so I swap and swore more than I ever have my whole life! Amazing!

5. How did you feel after the race? 

Straight after? Shell shocked and bloody cold; 20 minutes later? Completely euphoric! Zoe and I lay in a field, butt naked under towels howling with laughter for about 10 minutes!


6. What’s the next Rebel Army challenge on the horizon? 

It would be rude not to do a Rebel Army OCR (obstacle course racing), so we will be signing up for Rat Race London, on August 13th! Its going to be very wet, and amazing fun!


If you are interested in joining the team, email me melissa@1rebel.co.uk and watch this space!