Prologue:  Typical Friday night Snapchat to girlfriends after 1Rebel = "Withering on the bus, send help, hungry" on top of a haggard selfie.


Before diving into the tastiness of the TRIBE packs, I'll break down my typical week.  A couple days, I'll have a normal "Go to the office, work, train, 'fancy a pint?', and go home" routine.


Days I'm teaching, however, are far more manic as I go straight from the office to 1Rebel to teach.  By the time I make it home, it can be 9:30pm before inhaling dinner and that's if I skip the shower for another half hour....


Sometimes, I'll try to be an organised adult by packing snacks, or will pre-order a shake from the 1Rebel bar, but let's be real: that's 1 out of 10 times.

Here's what helped this situation for the past 2 weeks...


I signed up to TRIBE, a natural sports nutrition subscription service. They send out energy and recovery snacks in the TRIBE Pack - a regular delivery of all-natural performance products for pre and post workout. Based on my personal training schedule, my profile generated from the TRIBE website recommended the "Balanced Pack", which contains 3 energy and 3 recovery bars per week.  That's one energy bar before training, and a recovery/protein bar after. 


The first TRIBE Pack arrived in the post the following week.

After mentally laying out my training and teaching schedule, for Week 1, I decided to nosh the bars on Tuesday (strength training followed by HIIT session), Thursday (teaching double Ride classes), and Friday (double Ride).  


The second TRIBE Pack then arrived one week later. 

Week 2: Tuesday (strength + HIIT), Friday (double Ride after taking Jono's Ride), and Saturday (double Ride, and taking Danny's Rumble).  These were days I knew I'd have zero opportunity for a regularly-timed meal.


I cannot stress how much more human I felt, particularly on Friday and Saturday of Week 2.  The energy bar beforehand was delicious (favourite flavours below) and importantly, compact enough in size so they weren't blobs of burden in the gut during the workout.  As the cherry on top, it gave a bit of mental confidence that I could GET AFTER IT during the workout.  The TRIBE 10 protein bar after kept me mobilized (a.k.a. awake) and satiated during that dreaded commute home. TRIBE recovery bars contain 10g of vegan brown rice protein to fuel recovery. They are the perfect snack to eat immediately after working out!


I also noticed because I was immediately re-fuelling, thus not 100% starving before the actual following meal, I had no desire to eat ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the flat. That translated to consuming a decent and healthily portioned meal(s) for the rest of the day.


Favourite energy bar flavour:  Cacao & Orange.  Chewy and crunchy at the same time, seriously delicious. If you've ever accompanied me during an "accidental" visit to Ben's Cookies... this flavour combo won't be a surprise to you. Who's with me?


Favourite recovery bar flavour:  Chia & Cocoa Nib.  3 heavenly words there. 


Rebel recommendation:  If you're as loopy as me during the day, set alarms before and after your workout so it's an airtight routine.


Rebels, you can try a TRIBE Pack - 6 all-natural energy & recovery products - for just £1 using code "1REBEL" @